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Organize Your Closet on a Budget

Getting your closet organized can feel overwhelming and expensive. Many of the popular customizable “closet organization systems” cost over $500 dollars. If you want to organize your closet but stay on a budget these ideas are for you!

So maybe you’ve been telling yourself you’ll get around to organizing your closet when you have the time and money to do it. Meanwhile, your closet is causing you daily irritation and frustration. You always feel like you have nothing to wear, even though your closet is bursting to capacity. 

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Well we are here to help. You don’t need a fancy organization system installed, or even a week of solitude to clear out your closet. All you need is a plan, a couple of free hours, and a little bit of determination.  

Minimize and Simplify 

The first step to organizing your closet is not a new organization system, but a purging of all the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Women are notorious for hanging onto clothes we no longer wear. We hang onto these clothes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we’ll keep an article of clothing because it reminds us of a specific memory. We hope that we can eventually fit into it again. Or something needs a small repair, and we just haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. Take inventory of these types of clothes you may be hanging onto for sentimental  reasons and allow yourself to let them go. 

Choose a Color Theme for Your Wardrobe 

Have you ever wondered how some women always seem to have an unlimited number of outfits? Well one of the secrets to having more outfit options, without spending large amounts of money, is make sure that all of your clothes are color compatible together. 

How do you do this? By choosing a color theme or color pallet for your wardrobe

Start with basic neutral colors like, black, gray, white, tan, or navy. Then choose an additional 3 main colors that represent you best, and that all go well together. After that it’s all about accent colors to add variety and interest. 

Having a color theme or color pallet for your wardrobe will allow you to get the most value for your money and for your closet space. 

Sorting Through Your Closet

Listed below is a step by step guide for sorting through your closet for good. 

  1. Remember to take before and after pictures. Take your before picture now.  
  2. Empty your closet entirely. This will allow you to see exactly what kind of space you’re working with. 
  3. Clean your closet. Vacuum the closet floor, and wipe down the walls and shelves. 
  4. Create piles to sort all of your clothes and shoes into. 

The piles you will need:

  • Donation pile. Clothes you can donate to charity. 
  • Clothes and shoes that are worth selling online.
  • Items that just need to be thrown away.
  • Shoes and clothes you are keeping. 

Place all of the clothes and shoes that don’t fit, aren’t in your color theme, or need to be thrown away into their designated piles. 

Organizing Your Closet

Now that you only have clothes that fit you correctly and are a part of your chosen wardrobe color theme, organizing your closet will be so much easier.

  1. Choose which items you want to hang up and which items you will keep folded. 
  2. Organize your hanging clothes either by category or by color (or both). Categories would be: dresses, work pants, jeans, long sleeve shirts, and short sleeve shirts, etc. 
  3. Then learn how to fold your clothes correctly for optimal space and organization. 
  4. The last step is to take an “after” picture so you can admire your new organized closet.

I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to organize your closet on a budget without feeling like you need to spend money to do it. 

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