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Toy Organizing Ideas for a Clutter-free Playroom

Toys scattered all over the floor is a common occurrence in just about every play room. Little ones aren’t the tidiest of people, after all. Fear not; there are some neat toy organizing ideas to keep the toys in order so play can happen clutter free.

playroom toy organizing ideas
Close-up of beauty toys in child’s room

Baskets and Bins

The more storage options that are available in the playroom, the easier it will be to keep things in order. Seek out storage bins that are practical and fun. Stackable/removable bins on a shelf are a good options for smaller items and crafting supplies. These come in a variety of shapes and colors, so parents can coordinate them with the them of the room. Another nice feature of this type of storage is that they only take up space vertically and can be rested against a wall. Also, kiddos can remove the bins, play with the contents and then return it to it’s proper place rather easily.

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Laundry baskets make another good storage option for larger toys. They also come in a variety of shapes and colors, and can even be stacked! These also make good storage options as kids can pull them around the room while they play or pick up their toys.

children playing with blocks toys organizing ideas
Children playing with blocks on the floor – focus on the boy’s face

Don’t Overthink It

One common error that parents encounter when trying to organize or re-organize a playroom, is to make the system too complicated. You have to keep in mind that children are not going to be able to maintain an intricate organization system. Playrooms are meant to be fun, lively and joyous. Therefore, if kids are too anxious about worrying about getting in trouble because they return the wrong toy to the wrong area, things can get messy.

Do your best to create areas to reduce clutter that is easily accessible for kids, but also looks somewhat pleasing to the eye. Many adults approach playroom organization the same way they would an office, kitchen or bathroom – clean, tidy and effective. Playrooms can still be all of those things, but just make sure that whatever route you choose to keep clutter at bay is kiddo friendly and easy. Remember that visitors won’t expect a room where children play to be immaculate!

Binge and Purge

Since many children have toys upon toys upon toys at their disposal, it is smart to rotate toys out at different times a year to keep the quantity in the room down. Have a few totes around the house that you and the kids can switch out every so often. The totes should be filled with a variety of toys so that each of them has many different options and availability. For example, don’t put only blocks and other manipulatives in a bin that gets stored for the entire summer. Mix up the contents of the totes.

Another plus of this method of cutting clutter is it is almost like the kids are getting brand new toys. The toys in the bin that’s been sitting in the attic or basement will be somewhat fresh in their minds. This process is even better if you allow kids to help, that way they have a say in what is available to play with at any given time.

Box of used items ready for a garage sale, auction, or donation to a charitable organization. Shot on white Background.

Additional Tips

Try not to allow non play items into the playroom. Once other items such as clothing, bulky furniture or items that have nowhere else to go, start creeping in then the room becomes something else.

Other toy organizing ideas are toy hammocks, hooks and behind the door pockets.

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