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How To Always Look Your Best In Photos

It happens to the best of us. We look HORRIBLE in a picture. Help is on the way. You’ll know how to always look your best in photos with these tips.

#1- Think Angles

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Check out these contrasting pics. The big difference in the 2 is angles! The left side picture is facing forward with arms close to the sides. Then check out the pic on the right side. What a HUGE difference angles make. She’s turned to the side not facing directly forward. Her arms are away from her body creating even more angles. Even her head is tilted to an angle. To always look your best in photos go for angles!

#2- Use Your Arms

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No more posing with your arms folded. Use them to help make you look better/thinner in pictures. In the picture below you can’t tell that in the second one she has her arm being held away from her body. Yet, you can tell that her arm looks thinner in the second picture. Small change but noticeable difference. You can put your hands on your hips or let them hang away from your body like in the pic from

Check out Bonnie RZM on instagram

You can find uses for your hands like touching your hair, opening your jacket, or having them by your face. You will definitely always look your best in photos when you keep your arms away from your body and allow them to make more angles.

#3- Legs

Like your body your legs look best in photos when they are making angles. So the next time you are in a photo try one of these leg poses. First, do the tightrope. It’s just like it sounds. Put one foot in front of the other and strike a pose. Second, try the knee pop (or bend). Pick a knee, any knee, and pop it. It creates an angle which the camera loves. Third, cross those ankles (you know like you are ready to curtsy or you need to pee). By using your legs to make angles and add interest to your photo you will always look your best.

Check out Bonnie RZM on instagram

#4- Choose Your Outfit Wisely

As comfy as those baggy and flowing shirts are they don’t always make for the best photo attire. It’s hard to see your real shape in those types of tops and therefore you can tend to look more blobby than picturesque. Another no no is wearing crazy patterns as they too can be distracting. Subdued colors, solid or muted prints and long sleeves tend to be more forgiving in photos.

Try some of these tips out the next time you are taking photos. It’s more of a practice makes perfect thing so don’t get frustrated if you don’t feel like a supermodel on your first try. Just keep making those angels, getting your arms away from your body, putting one foot in front of the other, and aim for flattering clothes. Soon you’ll have so many good pictures of yourself you won’t know which one to choose!

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