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7 Simple Ways to Exercise at Your Desk

Fitting in time to exercise can be difficult! We spend so much time at work sitting at our desks and all that time being sedentary is not so great for our health. So, in addition to finding a regular exercise routine, why not utilize that time spent at your desk to move your body? Sneaking in small exercises during the day is great for your body and your mind. 

exercise at your desk

Stand Up

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Invest in a stand-up desk, or even better, ask your employer if they will provide you for one. Standing up for a portion of the day can improve your posture and put less strain on your back, neck, and wrists. It allows you the freedom to stretch out and move around a little bit as well. 

Time to Bounce

exercise at your desk

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Take a break from your chair and grab a large exercise ball or balance ball to sit on. Simply sitting on the ball helps with posture and can improve core strength. If you want to be a little more adventurous, you can add in some crunches too!

Move Your Feet

Purchase a peddler (think exercise bike, but without the bike part and just the pedals) to keep under your desk. When you feel like it’s time to add a little movement to your day, slip your feet in and start peddling! It’s super simple!

Move Your Arms

Image by Joanna Dubaj from Pixabay

Keep a set of dumbbells or kettlebells by your desk. When you aren’t using your hands to type, grab the weights and start moving those arms. 


When you have little breaks throughout the day, do some stretches. If your neck gets tight, stretch it out! If your back is cramped from being stuck in the office all day, stretch it out. Your body will thank you. 

Get Your Heart Rate Up

You don’t need any fancy equipment to get yourself moving at work. Why not just do some jumping jacks, burpees, lunges or jog in place? Set an alarm on your phone to schedule a movement break once or twice during the day. 

Just Dance

Take a dance break! Crank up your favorite song (probably on headphones if you work in close proximity to others) and dance! It feels good to move and listening to an upbeat song can even help your mindset if you are stuck in a work rut. 

Just because you have a desk job doesn’t mean you have to sit there all day. Try some of these tips above to sneak in some exercise at work. Ask your co-workers to get involved too. You can all help keep each other on track and all feel healthier together. 

simple ways to exercise at your desk


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