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The Best Shark Week Themed Drinks to Keep Your Shark Party Guests Happy

These tasty Shark Week themed drinks are just the thrist quencher you need for a shark birthday or to stir up a tray of Shark themed cocktails for a viewing party for the greatest week of tv all year long!

A shark themed party needs to have some great shark themed drinks.

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Whether you are throwing a summer pool party or a jawsome birthday party for the ultimate shark lover, fun drinks will add to the overall feel and decor of the party.

Most of the suggested ocean-themed drinks are family-friendly meaning they do not have alcohol, but we definitely have some great shark themed alcoholic drinks as well. 

A few tips to make drink delivery easier for everyone;

  • Invest in reusable plastic cups. Glass near the pool is never a good idea and by having reusable cups (with guests’ names) you can cut down on waste at the party.
  • Have a large water dispenser available at all times. If you have guests in the sun they’ll want to have easy access to plenty of cold water. 
  • An ice bucket is your friend. An insulated ice bucket full of ice with a scoop is great so guests can get as much ice as they’d like. 

Speaking of ice, for an extra fun shock, use this shark fin ice cube tray to make the perfect floating shark fins in any drink!

Sharks in My Glass! Silicone Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray

It’s also a good idea to have one “signature” drink for your party and then supplement with other items like water or purchased beverages that are available. This gives guests a range of options and let’s you relax a bit too. 

Check out all of these top shark themed drinks for your upcoming shark birthday or for some fierce Shark Week cocktails/mocktails!

The Best Shark Week Themed Drinks to Keep Your Shark Party Guests Happy


Need to grab some hollow sharks for drinks or table decor? These ones are great!

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