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Star Template Printables: Large & Small Star Stencils

Stars are one of the best shapes for crafts and DIY projects, but can be hard to draw, so we put together a bunch of star template printables for small stars, large stars, and even 6 point stars!

Use these printable star templates as embellishments for your next DIY project, holiday card, or even to help kids practice cutting skills.

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You could use the printable as a star stencil for this cute DIY gnome ornament or to decorate a festive 2021 New Years Party Hat too!

Simply click on each picture to download the various sizes of stars that you would like to print. Or, if you prefer to have one printable pdf of all of these stars, just click here!

multiple 1.5 inch star templates printable

1.5 inch Star Template

2 inch star template printable

2 inch Star Template

2 and 4 inch star template printable

2 & 4 inch Star Template

4 inch star template printable

4 inch Star Template

5 inch star template printable

5 inch Star Template

7 inch star template printable

7 inch Large Star Template

BONUS Star Stencil!

6 point star templates various sizes printable

6 point Star Template with Various Sizes

Be sure to pin this page to Pinterest so you can find it for any future times that call for a simple star shaped stencil or design!

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