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Things To Do Before Your House Cleaner Arrives

Having someone come in and clean your house can be really great if you are prepared!

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You don’t need to actually clean before your house cleaner comes over, but there are a few things you can do to make her life a little easier. Check out our list of things to do before your house cleaner arrives:

Pick Up Toys and Clutter

get ready for the house cleaner

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In order for your house cleaner to properly access your home and get into all the nooks and crannies to clean, you’ll have to pick up the clutter! As a cleaner, there’s nothing worse than having to take the time to pick up all the kids’ toys in order to vacuum. Picking up clutter not only helps make your cleaner’s job easier, but it also helps to keep costs down. If your housecleaner is charging you an hourly rate, it’s a waste of your money to have him or her pick up toys, books, and clutter.

This doesn’t need to be a big job! Don’t feel like you need to put every little thing in the proper place if it feels overwhelming or too time-consuming. You can simply have the kids toss their toys in a toy bin, tote, or on their beds. Living room clutter can temporarily hang out on the couch until you have time to put it all away properly.

Empty the Sink

Most cleaners don’t do housekeeping duties, i.e. making beds, doing laundry, and doing dishes. So, unless you have a special agreement with your house cleaner, empty out the sink so she can get in there to clean it without having to do the dishes first.

Clear the Kitchen Counters and Table

In addition to picking up clutter around the house, you’ll want to make sure the kitchen counters and table are free from clutter, making them easier to clean.

Clear Off The Fridge

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For the most part, cleaners will clean the fronts of kitchen appliances as a part of their clean. But, are you making it easy for him? Take a look at your fridge? Is it completely covered or are there just a few things on there? Having to take the time to clear off a completely covered fridge will probably add to the time it takes to clean your kitchen and therefore might increase the cost to you.

Straighten Bathroom

The same idea goes for the bathrooms. Be sure to clear the clutter from countertops, laundry from the floor, and don’t leave bath toys in the tub.

Have Supplies Ready

Depending on the agreement you have with your house cleaner, he or she may be using some of your supplies. If so, have these readily available and keep them in the same place so they can be found easily. Even if your cleaner isn’t using your vacuum or cleaning supplies, she may be using some basic supplies, like your trash bags to put a clean liner in when he takes the trash out at the end of the job. So, make sure you have these available as well.

Take Care of Pets

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If you have dogs that may get in the way, put them outside or in their crates before the cleaner arrives. Make sure pets are fed and happy so they won’t bother the cleaner for treats!

Leave the House

If you feel comfortable with your cleaner, make your best effort to leave the house while he or she is there cleaning. Your house cleaner will appreciate the freedom to move around without feeling like she is in your way.

Have Payment Ready

The last thing to do before your house cleaner comes is to make sure you have the payment ready! Whether you pay with a check, cash, or PayPal or Venmo, be sure to pay promptly.

Taking a quick spin through the house the night before your scheduled clean doesn’t take a lot of time and your house cleaner will truly appreciate being able to do his work quickly and efficiently in a de-cluttered space.


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