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Tips for Tackling Dog Hair From Someone With Two Labradors

tackling dog hair

I feeling uniquely qualified to talk about tackling dog hair. After all, I have two Labradors. Meet Margo and Agnes. Margo is the black lab and she is 4½ years old and Aggie is 8ish. Both of these girls were rescues from the shelter and have been such sweethearts from the moment they arrived. We really won the dog lottery with these pups.

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tackling dog hair

We got both of them when they were already full grown and trained, which was awesome by the way. None of the puppy chewing and potty training garbage. But as with any dog, there were downsides. And the biggest shock with them was the HAIR. Oh the hair, the hair, the hair.


Getting dogs was my husband’s thing. He always wanted our kids to grow up with a Labrador like he did. I sure didn’t, so our compromise was getting a Labrador that was already grown and trained. In came Agnes. And then Margo about a year and a half later. I never wanted a dog and mostly for the dog hair. But in true marriage compromise fashion, I found a way to have the dogs and not have the hair be everywhere.

After some trial and error, I figured out how to live with two Labradors without wanting to keep them shaved like two skinny pigs. Here are my top tips for tackling dog hair once and for all!

  1. Get a FURminator and use it! A FURminator is a metal comb that brushes out loose dog hair and gently cuts down on extra hair. One single swipe of the FURminator on your fur baby will pull out more hair than you think. It’s magical. We use the FURminator once a monthish. And they key is to do it outside on the lawn because then the hair stays far away from your house.
  2. Don’t allow the dogs on the bed or couch. These are places you sit and lay down and that’s how you get dog hair on you. For my dogs, this wasn’t a big deal to enforce. I guess their previous owners didn’t allow them on couches or beds. But for some dogs, this might be hard to enforce. Need some tips for keeping your pups off sitting and sleeping surfaces, try THESE.
  3. Take your dog to the groomer for a deshedding treatment twice a year. With my two dogs, I alternate quarterly. The groomers are always better at deshedding than you. Plus, it’s always nice to get your pup a nice bath and nail trim. Your doggy will love it. Who doesn’t love a good spa day?
  4. Sweep and vacuum often. I know, this sucks (sucks? Get it? I am hilarious.). But if you will sweep and vacuum your floors twice a week, you will see a big difference in how much hair you see around your house. And there might not be anything as satisfying as emptying a vacuum canister full of dog hair. If sweeping and vacuuming are your nemesis, get your kids and partner involved.
  5. Make sure your dog bed has a removable cover. This will make sure you can wash it often. You can also vacuum a big dog bed. So while you are vacuuming the floor, just do a few quick swipes over the dog bed too.

tackling dog hair

Dealing with dog hair is a bummer, but it would be worse if my dogs were jerks. Luckily, they are so sweet and fun. Try my tips and see how it can make you hate your dog less!

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