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Couponing for the Busy Mom

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After watching shows like Extreme Couponing, you realize it’s possible to save money on your groceries.  But really, who has time to cut all those coupons, organize them, and then plan out your shopping trip?  The gals that truly save tons of money, spend loads of time doing this. You can still see great savings on your grocery bill, but you can do it faster!  And why not!! If you are on a budget, cutting coupons is a way to buy more food for your family, with less money.

Here are the simple steps to using coupons in a flash:

  1. Collect coupons. Whether you get the paper, or get coupons from your neighbors, the first step is to collect the coupons ALL IN ONE SPOT! No keeping some in your purse, others in your cupboard, and still more in your car.  Collect them to one location.
  2. Cut coupons.  Here is where I save most of my time.  Cutting coupons with scissors can take too long for me.  Instead, I use the edge of my counter and tear them.  You can do this if your counter has a sharp edge. If it doesn’t, find a surface that will work, because this saves soooo much time! 
  3. Sort the coupons into category piles. Don’t have too many piles.  Keep them simple.  I use broad categories like: Cleaning, drinks, baking supplies, frozen foods, breakfast foods, dairy, personal items, etc. 
  4. Keep the coupons in a small folder that can fit in your purse.  Always carry it with you!  When you are about to make a purchase, it’s easy to thumb through to check if you have a coupon.  Then do the math right there on the spot to see if it will save you money to purchase the item with the coupon, or to buy the store brand.
  5. Then you are done! You are at the store, shopping off your normal shopping list, and if you happen to make a purchase you think you have a coupon for, then dig it out for that purchase!
  6. Keep the coupons you are using for that shopping trip in a separate part of your purse.  Don’t put it in your grocery basket. I’ve had too many coupons fly away and didn’t notice. Hold them down by keeping them in your purse until you get to the register!

And that’s it! Don’t make it complicated, but don’t miss out on some good savings either!   I also recommend following some local savings blogs.  Staying local will be more relevant to the stores in your area.  Some favorite coupon bloggers are:


coupons for the busy mom

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  • I totally agree that keeping it simple is what’s best for busy moms. But I disagree with the method of “use your normal shopping list and use coupons if you have them”. I will be honest, using 3 or 4 coupons on a few items while you’re at the grocery store will NOT save you enough money to make it worth your time. It will almost ALWAYS end up being cheaper to buy the store brand/generic. The shoppers on TLC’s Extreme Couponing put time and effort into shopping for their families and building a stockpile, and it’s unrealistic for anyone to think that they will be able to achieve the same results without the same effort.

    On a more positive note, I love your site! I’m a complete organizing freak!! And you have some really great tips to share with readers! Thanks!!

  • If I cut out coupons, I almost always forget to take them to the store with me. I also find that I typically buy generic brand for a lot of stuff. BUT … when if I see a coupon for something I know I will buy brand name I will cut the coupon out. I don’t save a ton, but a couple dollars a month is still money saved.

    Like I found a $1.00 and 1/2 gallon Silk drink. I’m lactose intolerant and typically buy this anyway. I suppose it depends on if you like the generic tastes or not. Most taste the same as brand names, but some are just not the same.

  • Melony, I disagree somewhat. I always only clip what I will be purchasing anyway, and usually save about $30-$50 per shopping trip!

    It’s the people that make it their full time job that can come away with saving HUNDREDS of dollars every shopping trip. I can still save pretty good money with just grabbing what I’ll use.

    Anna, totally agree!

  • I also disagree with Melony.

    You don’t have to be like the extreme coupon show to get good deals.


    She has great info on couponing, posts all the current great deals and has fabulous videos on how to get started and shows shopping trips at Target, Walmart, etc. She’s awesome 🙂

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