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To Do What?

I consider myself a fairly organized person.  Here is where my systems get messed up though.  When I’m so overwhelmed with tasks, I just don’t know where to begin.  I’ve tried to work my to do list, when it gets too big though I have a tendency to ignore the list and then just approach tasks as they come in.  I end up handling the new tasks extremely quickly, but the older tasks keep gathering dust on my lonely to do list.

What did I finally have to do to solve this scenario?  GET HELP!  I decided that I was not longer able to appropriately handle my task list for my new business Blogger’s Helpdesk.  The list kept growing, and I was starting to let my clients down.  I finally hired some help to get me through the growing pains of my new business.

Sure as tasks came in, I could have written them on my to do list, and continue to ignore them.  Now I have someone I’m accountable to (not just my clients, but someone who I can be in contact with, and help me check items off my list).  When I finally trained her on everything I needed her to do for me a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.  Things that have been weighing on me for a long time, because I just lacked the time to get everything I needed to do done in the course of a day.

So sometimes, to get your tasks done, you need to tell someone the tasks you have on your plate.  It makes you just a little bit more accountable for accomplishing your tasks instead of just seeing your to do list grow and grow!

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    1. Jo 05:11pm 16 August - 2012 - Reply

      I got nothing out of this. I was looking for advice on HOW to organize time.. Thank you tho

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