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When I was younger, I changed out my purse about as often as I changed my toothbrush. Over the years, my hygiene habits transformed, as did my style. It wasn’t long before I noticed a good purse was the finishing touch to an outfit. Whether it is a bright yellow hobo bag added to an ensemble of neutrals or a vintage clutch covered in bright blue beads against a little black dress- my choice of purse made an impact on my total look.

My collection takes up three narrow shelves of my closet. I keep larger bags on one shelf, medium on another and evening clutches on a third. As you can probably see, I did change some of them around for the appeal of the photograph.

When it comes to organizing them on the inside, it’s fairly simple. A few smaller bags arranged just right inside a larger one can make things so much simpler when looking for a ringing cell phone or your car keys. I have separate bags for my make- up, cell phone and business cards, a zip lock to hold my preschooler’s small toys and crayons, and a bag for any “club cards and special coupons or store dollars. When I change a purse to match an outfit, it’s as simple as grabbing a few bags out of the old one and throwing them into a new one. An evening Bag is usually just the right size to fit in the night’s necessities of a compact, lip gloss, I.D. and some cash. I also love sporting Cuffs Couture. Let me know, what you think of them J

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