Best Android Apps for Getting Organized!

I use my Android tablet (the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9) as my “dayplanner”. Gone are the days my Franklin planner was constantly by my side. I’m a digital girl, living in a digital world. So how do I use my tablet as my day planner? These 9 essential apps is how!

Dropbox – I take a picture with my phone, and it’s automatically uploaded to my Dropbox account, which then syncs directly to my laptop!  It’s amazing.  I take one photo, and instantly have a backup on my hard drive, AND on the “cloud”.  I also store important files and documents that I need access to at all times in my dropbox folder.  I love that I can open up my excel budget wherever I am!

Grocery IQ – This is by far my favorite of the “grocery list” apps.  Believe me, I’ve tried them all.  First I love GroceryIQ’s user interface, plus it’s created by, so you know that they know how people shop!  I can update the list from the internet site, and have it sync to my husband’s phone, my phone and my tablet.  I can also update the phone, which updates all locations as well.

Evernote – Best note taking/storing app available.  It syncs with just about any device you could imagine, and I love “clipping” web articles from my laptop to end up reading on my tablet later.  Search functions are amazing, and basically I totally adore it.

Endomondo – When I go running with my friend, this little app tells me exactly how far I’ve gone, how many calories I’ve burned, my pace, and so much more.

EEBA – I use an “envelope” method of budgeting our family finances.  This is the best app to help me do that.  It has a web interface I can update from my laptop, and it will sync  with multiple devices so my husband and I are always up to date on how much is available to spend in each category.

Due Today – The widgets is what makes this my favorite to do list app.  Also it syncs with my favorite to do list website  I love setting up recurring tasks, and this helps me keep my various “lives” in order.

Chore Checklist – Cause I’m always forgetting things when I’m cleaning the bathroom, this helps me make sure I get every nook and cranny when it’s time to clean.  It also helps me stay on my cleaning schedule, as the tasks come up due.

Calorie Counter (by – Love the look of the tablet interface on this one, and it’s ability to scan barcodes to help me keep track of my food intake.  Also it has a fantastic food database.

Big Oven – speaking of food… best meal planning recipe app goes to Big Oven, not only for syncing across multiple platforms, but for the way the interface allows me to schedule out my week of meals with recipes and shopping lists to boot!


So get downloading today.  MOST of these are free, and none cost more than a few bucks!

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