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Who knew an app existed for keeping your wallet organized! Seriously, such a good idea. The MyMiniWallet app  has been downloaded over 15,000 times, and has become an iOS friendly favorite of consumers who want to store, organize, and most importantly be reminded of their gift cards, receipts, coupons, and even membership cards.

MyMiniWallet is a PIN-protected App, so your information is safe to store inside the application. The app is super easy to use as well. You just use your iPone, iTouch, or iPad 2 to photograph many of the items in your overstuffed wallet. Then the app stores all of your important information for you.

It’s easy to look up your membership card information, show a customer service desk a return receipt, or you can even use the app to geo-locate the various stores you have gift cards for and want to spend.

MyMiniWallet also has a “Share” feature which allows you to send or transfer any of your information to another person who has the MyMiniWallet App. You can share a receipt with your work, a coupon with a friend, or a gift card can easily be transfered to your spouse. Once shared, the card or information appears in that person’s MyMiniWallet window.

MyMiniWallet is even working on an update that  will include bar-code functionality, and multi-currency capabilities! So cool.

My favorite part about the app was how easy it was to set up my “virtual” wallet. Information was simple to upload, and the app was very user friendly. I also like the idea of storing coupons, and being able to view their expiration date.

Ready for the best part???

MyMimiWallet is completely free through iTunes. Nice!

You can go HERE to download MyMiniWallet or learn more.

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