Overcoming Procrastination: Future Deadline

You received a task, and the deadline for it is so far in the future that you kind of put it out of your mind for a while.  This happens to me especially with birthday’s and Christmas.  I think… oh I have so much time to plan my daughter’s birthday party… and suddenly it’s a week prior to her birthday, and I haven’t planned a thing!

Problem: Future Deadline

This is definitely a problem for me.  When I think of something that I need to do that is sooo far in the future it immediately gets put way back to the back of my mind, often never to be thought of again until the deadline is upon me!

Solution: Schedule Interim Tasks

The solution to this problem is to put things on your calendar or on your to do list with specific due dates.  In the example above, with the birthday parties, I can schedule various tasks to help keep me on track.  One month prior I can “book the venue” if it’s going to be a destination.  Two weeks prior to the party I can schedule sending invitations.  One week prior I can schedule grocery shopping, and ordering the cake if necessary.  There are many tasks that can be scheduled out in any deadline induced task.  Scheduling these interim tasks with specific due dates will definitely help you make sure you get your task completed ON TIME.

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