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This happens to me EVERY year, and luckily, I’m prepared for it!  There is a knock at the door.  It is one of the sweetest neighbors offering me some sort of Christmas goodies.  My mind races, since I never even thought this neighbor knew who I was, and I don’t have anything to give them!  I feel bad for about two seconds until I remember my secret stash of neighbor gifts specifically created for this very occasion!  There are many things you can prepare for in advance that can eliminate embarassing situations!

The key to the emergency neighbor gift is that it shouldn’t be something that will go bad.  Cookies are really good the first couple of days, but a week later… not so much.  My sister has a GREAT recipe for some yummy nuts, which I will post on Thursday, that are perfect for the emergency neighbor gift.

Emergency Friend Gift – There is also another type of emergency… your child is given a gift from a friend at school, and yet has nothing for them in return!  I would purchase a few small gifts for each child and if it can fit into their backpack, have them keep them there.  When a friend hands them a special gift, they’ve got something to give them back!

Birthdays – I used to work at a store called Papyrus.  It was a fantastic card shop, and I purchased a TON of birthday cards.  I just kept them around, and when a birthday came up I was prepared and I didn’t have to make a special trip to the store to get them a card.

Prescriptions – Don’t wait until you’ve taken the last pill in the bottle to call to get a refill!  Sometimes they have to call the doctor to approve it, or they don’t have your medicine in stock!  I usually get mine refilled when I have a little over a week left.  Another wonderful prescription tip is to sign up for automatic refills!  Target calls me when my pills are ready to be picked up.  All I have to do is go get them.

Food – Don’t wait until you’ve used the last of a food item to replace it.  If something is getting low put it on your shopping list.  This way, if you do run out in between trips, you’ve got the extra all ready to go.  (Same goes for toliet paper and garbage bags)

Just a little bit of extra planning can help you stay less stressed out when the “emergencies” come your way.

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  • One thing I started doing to get prepared is to fill up my gas tank when it got just under half full. Prior to this, I would wait till empty and then I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything until I found a gas station, and sometimes would have to pay a higher price for a closer station. Now that I fill up at half, I am never in that situation, and I love driving around on a full tank!

  • As always, great advice! I keep a stash of nice candles and a few bottles of “better” wine (NOT in our regular wine cabinet!) for hostess gifts. When a party comes up I don’t have to haul the kiddos around town to hunt a gift down the day of–more time for toenail painting 🙂

  • I love reading your posts! The voice you write with is the voice you talk with and that just makes this much more fun.

    I do most of the grocery shopping at my house and I have learned that staying ahead of the curve on the staple foods is so key to keeping the rythmn with the kids. In fact, long gone are the Costco runs on mass quantity. Now its more frequent but less ginormous trips to the local grocer.

    I knew a guy who kept 2 gifts wrapped in his car during this season and one was a very nice gift and one was a so-so gift, and depending on the person that gave to him he would choose which one to give back. 🙂 And, no, it wasn’t me. I don’t have the forethought to have any presents waiting in the car.

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