Traveling Time!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

May your Thursday be filled with guilt free eating, and your Friday be filled full of post eating remorse, which you attempt to walk off while Black Friday shopping at 2:00 am, all until you return home at lunch time, indulge in leftovers, and start all over again.

I love the holidays!

As we prepare to begin a month long excursion of one road trip after another, I thought I would share two new little treasures I am trying out while holiday traveling this year.

Every time my siblings and I pull out our compact cameras, we always promise to send each other a CD of our images, or e-mail our favorite files. It never happens!

I’m taking along a portable usb drive this year. All of my siblings tote around laptops so hopefully this will be a great way to bring those files homes, and actually put them in our family album this year.

I also picked up a headphone splitter. I am amazed at how many mom’s don’t know these exist! This one was just a few bucks on Amazon.

You place the splitter in your tech device, and attach two pairs of headphones. My two youngest have always watched movies together on the road, and that usually means we all have to listen along with them.

No more Dora the Explorer! (Insert evil laughter.)

All right, your turn friends!

What saves you while your on the road?

Send your tips my way. I am always looking for more suggestions on how not leave my children “accidentally” at gas stations, or how to convince my kids I am asleep while we are traveling and therefore cannot pick up up the toy they dropped for the billionth time.

Bring  it on!

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