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Beat the Winter Blues

winter blues

I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely ready for winter to be over. And we still have to get through February! This time of year usually brings with it a case of the winter blues. You know that feeling where you start to lose motivation and you forget what it feels like to feel warm? Unfortunately, we can’t speed up the winter, but there are a few things we can do to beat the blues. 

8 Ideas to Shake the Winter Blues

Fill Your Home with Flowers

Treat yourself to some fresh cut flowers! There’s something so cheerful and hopeful about a fresh bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table. If it must be cold and dreary outside, at least you can bring a little spring and sunshine inside. 

Visit a Flower Show

beating winter blues
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Check events in your local area to see if there is a garden or flower show nearby. Walking into a space completely filled with beautiful flower displays is such a wonderful break from winter. Add to that, the fragrance that fills the air, just makes the experience more magical. 

Start Seeds

If you are a gardener (or an aspiring gardener), now is a great time to start seeds indoors. Hopefully, this small task will help you shake the winter blues and look forward to planting your garden in the spring. 

Get Outside

One of the causes of the winter blues is the lack of light. Take advantage of the daylight hours, get outside and absorb some Vitamin D. If you can’t get outside, consider purchasing a sunlight therapy lamp for those long winter months. 

Plan A Vacation

winter blues cure

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

Having something fun to look forward to is a great way to get rid of the winter blues, so why not plan your vacation? If a vacation isn’t in the budget this year, plan a staycation: a series of days where you plan fun things to do in and around your own hometown. Put those dates on the calendar and even get the kids to make a countdown chart. The whole family will appreciate counting down to fun times in warmer weather. 

Get Out of Town

If it’s feasible, plan a weekend trip away now. Shake things up and head out of town to warmer weather. Or, head to a local hotel for a quick overnight. 

Do Something Unique

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

Embrace the season. Plan something that you can only do during the cold weather months. Plan a day to go snow tubing, sledding, ice skating, or even ice fishing. Maybe enjoying an activity unique to the season will help re-kindle your excitement for the winter. 

Don’t Forget Your Health

After a few months of comfort food, holiday parties, and being stuck inside, the winter blues really start to settle in. Now is a great time to re-commit to your new year’s resolution and start exercising and eating better. It’s good for both your brain and your body

Instead of just waiting for spring, get active and try some of the tips above to help you fend off those winter blues. 

beat the winter blues

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