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I really love posting on Friday’s because it’s the day I get to spout off my vast tech knowledge for all to hear.  I really think it’s important for women to know about technology.  I encounter it every day, especially as the only woman working as an IT professional at the company I’m currently at.  I’m used to it by now as it kind of comes with the industry I’ve chosen.  I choose to distinguish myself in the industry though.  I have a pink laptop, pink mouse, and a pink external hard drive.  The guys at the office were laughing yesterday that none of my stuff will ever get stolen, and if it does they would know it right away… “Hey isn’t that Sarah’s pink hard drive?”  As many women are finally joining the tech world, especially through blogging, companies are looking for ways to make blogging easier for the masses. 

One such product making it easier is Windows Live Writer.  This is a free program that can help you post items to your blog.  Instead of going through a back end to post items to your blog you can use more of a Microsoft Office type interface.  You don’t even need to be connected to the internet to start your post.  You can create the entire post on your laptop sitting at a park, and then come home and click publish! 

Another great thing about WLW is that you can see your post as how it will look on your blog while you are writing it.  This is called WYSIWYG in the web design industry.  Which stands for What You See Is What You Get.  When you connect Windows Live Writer to your blog it will download your blog design, so that you can see while you are posting exactly how the post will come out!

WLW will work with just about every major blog service out there (blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc).  You can also use it to add all sorts of content without doing a seperate upload.  Just add your picture, video or whatever to the page in WLW and then when you click publish everything will get uploaded automatically!  It’s really a fun program and if you are a blogger, you should definitely check it out!

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Sarah Kimmel

Sarah Kimmel originally created Organized Mom as a way to promote her software program to help busy moms get organized. The software never went anywhere, but the blog took off! While she still writes occasionally for Organized Mom, you can find her writing at Family Tech more frequently. She is also currently works doing IT Services in Utah at Protek Support


  • I’ve heard of Live Writer, but didn’t pay too much attention until I read this post. I’ve downloaded it, but cannot access it. I tried to set up a login account, but got an error. Now I don’t know where to find it!

    Would love to try it out, but not sure what to do now.

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