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Clean Your House Faster

Who doesn’t want to clean their house faster? Here are our best tips for getting the job done quickly so you can relax. 

clean your house faster

Pick Up Clutter the Night Before

One of the main obstacles to cleaning is the time spent picking up clutter. At my house, if everything is picked up and put away, I can zip through the cleaning pretty quickly. But, how often is my house totally picked up? Usually never! My kids are kings and queens of clutter! So, if I know we’re cleaning house on Saturday, we take some time on Friday night to straighten up. If you clean your house on a particular day of the week, schedule in an hour the night before where you and the family spin around the house putting all the left-out-items away.  You’ll be amazed at how much faster the cleaning goes!

Put Supplies Where it Makes Sense

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Another time-waster when you’re cleaning the house is running around looking for supplies. Make sure all your cleaning supplies are stocked up and where you need them to be. There are a few ways to do this. You could keep all your supplies in one big cleaning container and carry it around with you. That way, you always have everything you need. Or, you can store cleaning supplies in each bathroom or on each level of your home. If your toilet bowl cleaner, shower cleaner, wipes, glass cleaner, and paper towels are already under your bathroom sink, you can get straight to work. Another benefit of keeping cleaning supplies in each bathroom or on each level is that you can team up when it’s time to clean your house. Two or more people can clean at the same time! 

Set A Timer

This is a tip that works well for me as I’m someone who gets distracted easily when cleaning. To avoid that I estimate how long I’ll need to clean a room, set a timer, and then try to beat it! I know it sounds a little juvenile, but it really does help to keep me moving. Another great tip to keep you motivated is to record a time-lapse video while you’re cleaning. There’s something so satisfying about watching a messy room quickly transform into a neat one! 

Make it a Family Affair

clean house faster tips

If you are the only one cleaning the house, no wonder it takes so long! Speed it up by enlisting the troops aka your spouse and the kids. Even young kids can help out with the house cleaning. Check out this list of chores kids can do by age group to help you divide up the tasks. 

Prevent Big Messes

The best way to clean your house fast is to prevent it from getting super messy and dirty. As much as your schedule allows, take care of the small messes when they happen. Do your dishes and run your dishwasher every night. Have your kids clean up their toys, books, and electronics every evening before they go to bed. Doing small things during the week will cut down on the time spent cleaning your house on the weekend. 

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to take up all your precious free time. Use these tips to help you clean faster so you can spend more of your weekend relaxing. 


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