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The BEST Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas (39 DIY Western Themed Ideas)

Inside: Find the best cowboy birthday party ideas including invitations, decorations, loot bags, party favors, food, games, and music—everything you need for an awesome cowboy themed kids party!

Saddle up! What kid wouldn’t love a cowboy themed birthday party?

collage of western themed photos with text cowboy birhday party ideas
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A cowboy party is an excellent theme idea for a girl’s or boy’s birthday party.

Not only is a fun theme that is easy to find or make decorations and games for, but you can also tie it in with many different movies and tv shows that feature ranchers or cowboys as well, like the new show Dino Ranchers on Disney!

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Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Cowboy birthday invitations

There are so many cute cowboy party invitations available for purchase, including on Etsy where you can note the party details and then just print the final invitation.

Here are some of our favorites (just click the image or the link below to be taken to the invitation page):

cowboy birthday party invite with background of a farm in photo

We love the rope and patterns on this one from Early Bird Studio Co!

For a smaller child, the toy stick horse on this invitation is simply adorable!

Homemade Cowboy Party Invites

Invitations can be handmade out of card stock paper.

Simply cut the paper to fit into envelopes and decorate with free clip-art, which can be found on Canva or the Internet, and some stickers.

Handwrite or print off party details and glue them onto the cardstock.

The birthday boy or girl can also help with this project.

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Loot bags for birthday guests

Loot bags are a favorite at birthday parties as the guests have something to take home with them.

How to make a DIY Cowboy Party Bag

Try making a DIY Cowboy party bag by sewing together 8″ x12″ pieces of burlap and then sewing the sides together with jute or hemp thread.

Simply tie the bag shut on the top with the same thread. Braiding the ends of the ties and adding beads is another accent that could be used.

A plastic sheriff badge in the center should be the final touch, and if you have extra time and the resources you could also use a Cricut or other machine to add the guests names to the bags as well..

Online companies that specialize in theme parties have many options for items that can be put into a party favor bag.

Customer favorites include:

  • a plastic boot mug
  • plastic horses
  • cowboy tattoos
  • a mini coloring book and colors
  • stickers
  • bandanas

Cowboy Birthday Decorations & Music

collage of cowboy party things including hay, boy in cowboy hat and table with cowboy themed food

Purchasing burlap to use as table cloths adds to the authenticity of the decorations.

Buy matching plates and napkins with a cowboy theme. Many retailers and online companies offer a wide variety of choices.

Wanted posters, cardboard cutouts, and streamers can be used for decorations. Tying a helium-filled balloon to each chair or place setting adds to the excitement of the party and fills the vertical space as well.

Playing country music will add some ambiance to the party.

Old-time favorites by Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard would work well for background music or play some modern favorites that are upbeat, and the kids will be line dancing and having a hoedown in no time.

Cowboy Birthday Balloons

Balloons are one of the best way to bring a theme and color to a party (check out this post for other great party decorations using balloons).

Here are some great Cowboy balloon garlands and Cowbooy shaped balloons to check out:

Cowboy party games

Party games are important too as you want to keep the guests engaged and to have a good time.

Find some great ideas on our ultimate guide to birthday party games for children and then turn them into cowboy themed games along with those below!

Cowboy Pinata

A piñata is a fun activity, and there are many piñatas available that would fit with a cowboy-themed party.

You can even make your own pinata for the party!

Digging for Pennies

Digging for pennies in a sandbox is a fun game for kids of all ages as they get to keep what they find.

While the gold rush might not be exactly tied to the cowboy way of life, it has the same western feel and is a fun activity!

If the pennies are soaked in vinegar prior to the party, they will all look shiny and new.

Roping the Cattle

Help your little cowboys and cowgirls improve their ranching skils by practicing throwing a lasso around a cardboard cutout of a steer (or just place a cone or other vertical object as the target).

boys roping a pretend horse and boy with a lasso

You can use any type of rope—a jumprope even works in a pinch!

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Menu for a Cowboy Themed Bash

The party menu is important as well, and is so much fun to bring the western theme to life.

cowboy party food including ribs, beans and cupcake with cowboy hat on top
  • For a cowboy-themed party, a cook-out with burgers or steak would be a great fit, and have side dishes like corn on the cob and baked beans.
  • Try mini-burgers or sliders for the kids, and barbeque potato chips with fruit and other easy party snacks.
  • Don’t forget water, juice and other drinks to keep the cowhands from getting thirsty!

Cowboy themed cupcakes or a great cake will finish things off nicely. Or try anyone of these fun kid-friendly birthday party desserts and treats and just color match for the Old West!

With these easy and cheap Cowboy birthday party ideas, you’ll be able to create the perfect western themed party for your little cowboy or cowgirl—or even for an adult party—and rest easy knowing everyone will enjoy the festivities!

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