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Welcome to our guest blogger, Frank.   Frank is here to give us some de-cluttering tips and let us know about a great service called EasyDonationPickup .  Donating is always a great way to get clutter out of your house and let your items find a new home where they can be useful.  Check it out:

Regaining Your Home After The Holidays

The holidays are once again behind us (let’s not get started on Valentine’s Day yet!), and you know what that means: trying to figure out where to put all the presents. Gifts from family. Secret Santa exchanges. The usual coffee cup, cookie-scented candle, or otherwise small gift from your cubicle neighbor. It’s the time of year where dozens of items find their way beyond our beautiful Christmas decorations and useful gifts, and wind up sitting in a cabinet, tucked into the depths of a closet, or slowly making easing way into a random drawer. They’re the forgotten gifts: sweet gestures we find again when the cold fades and spring cleaning fever hits. This post-holiday season, take a few steps to beat back that holiday clutter and regain your home and your sanity.

Make a List

If you have children, they’re certain to have received quite a few new toys to add to their collection. Make a list of the items they got from family and friends in addition to what you got them for Christmas. Now, use this list to help you downsize. It will give you an idea of what number of toys need to be donated to stay within reason. Get your child involved with downsizing their current toy collection by letting them pick out the toys and be involved in donating them to other children in need. It’s a great teaching tool for what the holidays are all about (and they’re hopefully still distracted by their new toys to care much about their old ones right now).

Get Rid of Unneeded Decorations

With all of the sales and new styles that come around every year (especially with all the 90% off sales during post-holiday season), it’s easy to stockpile a ton of decorations. Sometimes it’s hard to part with ornaments, holidays houses, and lawn ornaments because what if you might use them again one day? Let’s be honest: you usually don’t and they just sit in your closet or attic, cluttering up your home while collecting dust and mold. As you’ve likely taken down and packed away your decorations for the year, make note of the boxes you didn’t even touch while decorating. Now take those boxes of unused decorations and get rid of them! Make sure to sort through for any (truly) sentimental items first though. Don’t get attached to countless strings of lights you’re not sure even work anymore. if you didn’t use them this year, you likely won’t use them next year so get rid of them.

Donate Items

Even though the holidays are over, you can still keep on giving. Whether you do it during the holidays to help those in need or wait until they’re over to give everything at once, keep that spirit alive by donating your unneeded items to organizations in your area. Although most organizations won’t take Christmas lights after the holidays are over (you know half of yours were burnt out anyways) they’re more than likely to still accept your other donations. One of the ways you can connect to local organizations is through

In case you didn’t know, is an online service that connects people who want to donate unneeded goods to organizations that help ensure less-fortunate families have a chance to enjoy your former belonging. All the organizations that lists provide free donation pickups so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to haul all that stuff down to a donation center. You just have to type in your ZIP Code to find a local organization, select your preferred organization and then answer a few short questions about the good you’re donating and when the goods will be available for pick up. If they don’t have any organizations listed for your area yet, you can still fill out their form and the team will work quickly to find a local organization that will pick up your donation.

Good luck and happy house cleaning!

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