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Disneyland Resort’s Fall Treats

Looking for a treat instead of a trick this fall? Then Disneyland has you covered. Check out these Disneyland Resort’s fall treats.

The large Mickey head made from pumpkins at Disneyland.

Fall Treats at Disneyland and California Adventure

Going to Disneyland and California Adventure is a treat all by itself. Yet, if you go in the fall you are in for a REAL treat. A bunch of treats actually. There are so many fun new treats to try and twists on old classics.

Candy Corn Churro

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Churros are a staple when you are at Disneyland or California Adventure. If you find yourself at California Adventure meandering through Cars Land (which you definitely should) then swing by Cozy Cone #1 which is appropriately titled, “Churros”.

The churros Cozy Cone decorated for Halloween.

For your Halloween delight the Cozy Cone is offering a Candy Corn Churro. You heard me right, CANDY CORN churro.

This churro is actually 2 churros. In the spirit of fall and candy corn you will have a yellow colored churro and an orange colored one. These two churros will be sitting side by side with vanilla icing drizzled over the top of them and candy corns sprinkled on top. Can you feel your sweet tooth buzzing?

The Candy Corn Churro in front of the churros Cozy Cone.

The Candy Corn Churro is as good as it sounds. Delicious and sweet! This Disneyland Resort’s fall treat is priced at $6.79. The best way to grab your Candy Corn Churro is by mobile ordering on your Disney app.

The Candy Corn Churro advertisement.

Mobile ordering allows you to place the order and an arrival window to pick it up. When you are ready to pick up your order (during your arrival window) hit the button on the app telling them you are there and it should be ready in no time. You skip the line and go right to the pick up window. Mobile ordering while you are waiting in lines for rides is an amazing time saver!

This treat is sweet enough to share so grab a fork and a friend and try the fallCandy Corn Churro from the Cozy Cone.

A plate with the Candy Corn Churros.

Check out this post for more good eats at the Disneyland Resort and don’t forget to try the Cozy Cone bread cone filled with mac and cheese. Yum!

Poison Apple Fries

As you wander down the street of California Adventure’s Hollywood Land you can’t help but notice Award Weiners. If the name doesn’t get you the shiny red store front will.

This is often a destination if you are in the mood for a hot dog. Yet, this little gem holds a fall treat that must be tasted, the Poison Apple Fries.

The Poison Apple Fries feel like a throwback to good old carnival food. It’s the funnel cake in fry form that bring back the nostalgic feelings. Although, this isn’t your every day funnel cake.

A plate of Poison Apple Fries.

The Poison Apple Fries start with a layer of funnel cake fries that are dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Next, there is a layer of candied apple compote. The candy apple making the compote red and adding to the fall/Halloween feel of the dessert. On top is a hefty amount of whipped cream covered in a green apple glaze. As if that isn’t enough there are small gummy worms throughout.

Poison Apple Fries advertisement.

This spooky named dessert costs $9.99. It is definitely a dessert that is best shared with a buddy.

Matterhorn Macaroons

I know what you are thinking…the Matterhorn Macaroon isn’t special for the fall because Disneyland always has those. While that is true they did dress the Matterhorn Macaroon up for the season and gave it a festive twist.

A Matterhorn Macaroon with chocolate on top and orange, white and yellow sprinkles.

This is hands down one of my most favorite treats at Disneyland (along with the peanut butter squares). Instead of its usual white chocolate snowy peak it has a chocolate flavored chocolate peak with festive orange, yellow, and white sprinkles.

On my other trips to Disneyland my Matterhorn Macaroon has always been just coconut. This fun fall macaroon had another surprise. It had tiny chocolate chips dispersed throughout it. The tiny chips didn’t make a big change in the flavor but just added to the deliciousness.

Fall Marshmellow Wands

Splash Mountain is closed as it is being converted into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Don’t let that stop you from finding your way to Critter Country and Pooh corner, an important destination for your Disneyland Resort’s fall treats.

At Pooh Corner you’ll find the famous Tigger Tail that is a staple treat for Pooh Corner. If the orange chocolate of the Tigger Tail isn’t your thing but you drool when thinking about caramel and chocolate covered marshmallows then you are in luck.

A Marshmallow Wand is basically a Tigger Tail but with regular flavored chocolate. For fall and Halloween time it gets dressed up. Instead of the usual chocolate dip with chocolate drizzle you get a chocolate dip with an orange and purple drizzle.

A marshmallow wand with purple and orange drizzle.

My kiddos love a good marshmallow wand and since they weren’t with me on this trip I ordered some to take home with me. Thus, the smooshed orange and purple drizzle in the picture. It got a little hot in the car on the way home but they still tasted delicious.

A new trick I learned this trip to Disneyland is that just like ordering food you can mobile order your treats and set a time to pick them up. So, first thing in the morning while we were waiting for the rope drop we were on our Disney app in the mobile order tab.

From there you can choose treats and order them. When ordering you set a pick up time for later in the day. We chose ours to be at the end of the day so we could grab our treats on the way out. It was an amazing time saver.

Any time of year there are amazing treats to be had at Disneyland Resort. Yet, if you happen to be there September 1st through October 31st you will be lucky to enjoy Disneyland Resort’s fall treats. So get a trip on the calendar and get ready to eat some Candy Corn Churros, Poison Apple Fries, chocolate covered Matterhorn Macaroon and a festive Marshmallow Wand!

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