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Healthy Habits for School

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Want to have the most epic school year ever? Then you are going to need to incorporate some healthy habits for school into your families daily routine.

Healthy Habits for a New School Year

Don’t forget to add healthy habits to your back to school to do list. Healthy habits are essential for achieving success and helping with the overall well-being of your family.

Prioritize Sleep

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A well-rested mind is crucial for effective learning and is one of the most important healthy habits. If you have a preschool aged kiddo you are looking at around 10-13 hours of sleep a day including naps. Your 6-13 year olds need around 9-12 hours. Even the teens need to get their zzzz’s with 8-10 hours of sleep. Now if only mom and dad could get that many hours!

Establishing a consistent sleep schedule helps to regulate your body’s internal clock and improve focus during class. That’s a win for everyone.

Start with a Nutritious Breakfast

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After a good night’s sleep you need to fuel their bodies and brains with a balanced breakfast rich in whole grains, protein and fruit. Check out this article, “20 High Protein Breakfast Ideas for Kids” to get some great ideas on how to add protein to your families morning meal.

A good breakfast helps your children to concentrate and provides them with needed energy for a productive day.

Stay Hydrated

A healthy habit for school or home that it super important is drinking plenty of water. Drinking water throughout the day helps us all to stay alert and focused. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and difficulty in concentrating.

Sending the kids to school each day with a full water bottle is a great way to encourage drinking. There are so many water bottles to choose from that you are sure to find one that works for your child.

Regular Exercise

If these healthy habits for school are starting to sound like healthy habits for all of us then you are right!

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Try incorporating physical activity into your families routine. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, boosts mood, and helps with cognitive function. Whether it’s a walk, jog or a sports activity, find something each child enjoys and get out there and play.

Effective Time Management

Working on developing strong time management skills will help with balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and personal time.

Older children could use tools like planners or digital apps to schedule tasks and avoid last-minute cramming. Younger children would do well with visual aids like calendars to help keep track of their activities and assignments.

Time management is also one of those healthy habits for parents when helping younger children with their homework and bedtime routines. It is as important for us to manage our time with them as it is for them to learn to manage their own time.

Practice Mindfulness and Stress Relief

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Stress can hinder learning (and it’s no fun). Engage in mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga with your kids to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Not to mention the regular exercise, time management, sleep, and eating healthy that will also help reduce stress in your families lives.

Limit Screen time

Healthy habits for school include technology. While technology has its benefits, excessive screen time can disrupt sleep patterns and strain your kiddo’s eyes. Set limits on screen usage especially before bedtime.

Create a Productive Study Environment

Design a dedicated study space free from distractions (this is key for any of your kids who struggle with focusing). Organize materials and keep the area tidy to create an atmosphere conducive to focused learning.

It can also be helpful to have your children do their homework in their study environment around the same time each day.

Active Participation in Class

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As a parent you aren’t in control of how much your child participates in class. Yet, you can still encourage question asking and participation in group activities and ask those all important questions when they get home to see if they were able to participate.

Active involvement enhances understanding and retention of all the good things they are learning.

Regular Reading Habit

Most teachers require some reading outside of class. Finding a regular time each day to get that reading in will become a key healthy habit for school.

Bedtime might work best for your child. If bedtime isn’t a good time then after dinner or even when everyone is still at the dinner table.

Reading enhances vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Plus, it will support your child in their other subjects like science and history.

Set Realistic Goals

Another healthy habits for school is to break down larger goals into smaller, achievable steps. Then celebrate their successes and efforts whether big or small. Tracking progress boosts motivation and prevents feeling overwhelmed.

Like the breaks and rewards healthy habit for school you can also give a reward for meeting some of those realistic goals.

Healthy Lunches

One of the best healthy habits is a healthy school lunch? If your child brings their lunch from home be sure it is packed with nutritious foods. Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains are ideal.

Try putting cut up watermelon or pineapple into a thermos. A mini cucumber or baby carrots with a small cup of ranch is one way to get veggies into their day.

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Starting a new school year is no small feat. To give you and your kids the best chances for success try incorporating some of these healthy habits for school into your day.

By prioritizing sleep, starting with a nutritious breakfast, staying hydrated, and having regular exercise you will be well on your way to a healthier school year.

No need to try all the healthy habits at once. Try them one at a time and see which ones work best for your family.

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