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Healthy Eating Hacks You Can Start Doing Today

No need for a new diet just add some healthy habits to your current one. Here’s a list of healthy eating hacks you can start doing today.

Drink Water Before Every Meal

The Biggest Loser was a favorite to watch at my house and who can forget the lovable trainer Bob Harper. Bob has his own list of “skinny rules” and what’s #1 on his list…drink water before every meal. Drinking water first does a couple of things. It helps you feel fuller, it preps your stomach for food by hydrating it, and even wakes up your taste buds. So drink a glass of water. Easy right. That is definitely a healthy eating hack that you can start today!


Watch Out For High Calorie Condiments

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Those little containers/packets of goodness that we add to our meals are not always so little in calories. One of the number one offenders coming in at about 94 calories per tablespoon is, drumroll please…mayonnaise. Not to be outdone a close number 2 coming in at around 73 calories per tablespoon is…ranch dressing. Start eating healthy today by being mindful of the condiments you consume.

Hide Your Veggies In A Smoothie

It’s not always easy to eat veggies for breakfast so add some coconut milk and pineapple to a smoothie with them. Adding them to a smoothie can be an easier way to get your servings in and hack your way into healthier eating.


Cook Your Food At Home

Another healthy eating hack is to eat food that you cook at home more often then you go out and eat. When you cook at home you are often better able to control your caloric intake. The food you cook will tend to be less processed and your portions are often smaller. You can try this hack tonight by cooking dinner at home.

100 Calorie Snacks

Most of us crave a snack at some point during the day. A healthy hack would be to keep that snack to under 100 calories. Of course not all calories are created equal so be mindful if your snacks are often processed foods. Check out the list below for some 100 calorie snack ideas.


Eat What You Can Pronounce

This may sound like a silly hack but there is some truth to it. Simpler and fewer ingredients often equals healthier food. When you get into those long lists of ingredients with all those words you don’t recognize you may want to take a pass on eating it.

Grill Instead Of Fry

When grilling a lot of the fat will drip off your food. When frying you are adding more fat to your food. Fat that can lead to things like stroke, obesity, and heart disease just to name a few. You also retain more of a foods minerals and vitamins when grilling.


Instead of getting overwhelmed by fad diets try out a few of these healthy eating hacks. You can easily start drinking water before a meal or choosing a 100 calorie snack as soon as today. Then add another one next week and you will slowly be transforming your eating habits into healthier ones.

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