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Family Night

familynightMemories with your family are definitely ones that last a lifetime!  Some of my fondest memories are of playing “Giant” with my Dad.  He would lay down on the ground and we would run around him in circles.  Then we would hit his shoulder to “wake him up”.  He’d wake up and grab us and start tickling us until we hit the shoulder again to put him back to sleep.  If I recall correctly, this would keep us entertained for HOURS! 

What is interesting to me is that the construction of our homes now even lead to more time apart from the other members of the family!  The older homes have MUCH smaller bedrooms and HUGE family rooms.  They really only slept in the bedrooms, everything else was done with the rest of the family right in the family room.  Now we all retreat to our own little caves, and come out when we are hungry. 

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Today I say we need to break this pattern.  Sit down with your family and your schedules and find one night a week to only spend with your family.  This may require some juggling or even canceling of another activity.  Just find one night every week that you can consistently spend together.  For us it’s Tuesday night.  Trevor is off work on Tuesday, and it just works out best for us.  Find the day that suits you, and then make sure the whole family knows that nothing else is to be scheduled for that day. 

During your family night you can play games, have treats, maybe even a religious message.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be much.  Just do something together!  I guarantee you that your family will be closer and stronger because of it!

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