Finding Time For Exercise

wodvdsI used to be very good at exercising.  Then I got pregnant, and I was just so darn tired.  Then I had a baby, and I was just so darn tired.  Then my baby got older, and I was just so darn tired.  Every time I’d try to exercise when she was awake led to crying and screaming and getting in my way.  When she was sleeping, all I wanted to do was sleep or work, or even sometimes veg!  I didn’t want to spend my precious hour of nap time working out.  I needed to figure this out, and fast, as my waistline was increasing!  I finally did figure it out, and here is how I do it.

The first thing you have to do is to purchase some workout DVD’s.  My very first workout DVD was the original Tae Bo, and I LOVED it!  I still do it on days I don’t feel like doing anything because I know it by heart, and it still gives me a great workout.  My second one is also a favorite and that is Kathy Smith Time Saver Cardio.  I do this one on days I REALLY don’t feel like working out.  Those are my “go to” workouts that I can do even when I completely don’t want to exercise.  My collection has definitely increased over the years since that original Tae Bo tape (I have over 50) thanks in large part to my absolute favorite website for purchasing workout DVD’s…  They have fabulous reviews, and allow you to watch clips of every DVD!  What I really love about workout DVD’s is I don’t have to get dressed and go somewhere, I don’t have to find a babysitter, I don’t have to get my daughter ready to go.  I can do it at home and on my own time.  I can pause it whenever I need to, and get my daughter a waffle. 

My second tip is to do it at the same time every day.  Even days you don’t want to do anything, do something easy (find a “go to” workout you can do on any day).  The key here is consistency.  If you are consistent about it, you will have less days where you don’t want to do it.  This also helps with the kids.  My daughter has a schedule, and so do I.  I plan my workout time to coincide with her “computer time”.  So she is distracted on the kitchen table with or and I get to work out in the family room!  It’s perfect!  Many times though she will even come and join me in the work out!  It is so fun to watch her punch into the air or do squats.  She also likes to stretch with me at the end.  It did take a while to get to this point.  I had to have several “conversations” with her about Mommy’s dancing time.  Now that we are at a good place though with it, it does make it easier for me to be consistent.  This is because I don’t want her to get used to me not doing it anymore and end up having to work with her again to get her to allow me to have this time to myself. 

What I find is now that I am making exercise a priority, I actually have MORE energy!  Find the time to get yourself moving and you can rediscover the energy you lost.  If you need more workout DVD recommendations just leave a comment and I’ll let you know my other favorites!

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