Garage Organization Update

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I am finally ready to share some garage organization progress!

Remember the super scary before picture?

Yeah, that’s real.

I have been workin’ my tush off though, and I am very happy with the progress so far.

First, I got rid of a ton of  items we never use or need. Then I got to work getting things organized.

I even spray painted a large amount of my  tools turquoise.

(I may have gone too far on that one…)

I thought about replacing my cabinet because it was a hand me down that I have never loved the look of. Then I discovered I could just remove the drawer fronts and I had left these cool vintage/industrial looking boxes. Some of you may think I was crazy, but the end result is much more my style.

Here’s how the tools look after hanging on some simple pegboard from Home Depot:

And here’s the after with the cabinet:

I still need to get some bins for the shelf above, but so far I love how it looks!

My favorite is definitely the glass jar storage on the side wall.

These are a much better fit for me, and I am embarrassed at how many times I have recently bought screws or nails, not realizing I already had what I needed at home. 🙁

Love it!

I moved my paint to the opposite wall.  It’s better organized on a narrow shelf that allows me to see each can. I still want to add another shelf for spray paint, and I am thinking I might paint the shelves white too.

I will keep you posted on my progress. So far, I am loving how much more organized and clutter free it is!

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  • […] Most of the men that I know consider the garage to be “their” space. It’s a place we can get our hands dirty, find some peace and quiet, maybe store some extra beer. We usually assume that the garage is supposed to be kind of messy, but I wonder why that has to be. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed by the garage makeover in this post. I mean, I’m not going to paint all my tools a turquoise color, but why not store nails and screws in clear glass jars, where I can actually find them? This kind of project would make a really grand gesture for Mother’s Day this year. (Organized Mom) […]

  • Came across your blog – trying to organize things too! Another storage idea rather than glass jars on shelves is to reuse the plastic parmesan cheese containers, peanut butter jars and mayo jars.

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