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How To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water

Trying to get your child to drink more water? We have some tips that might help. 

drink more water

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Drinking water is important for all of us to stay healthy, but some kids struggle to drink all the water they need in a day. If you have such a child, hopefully, these tips will help. 

Water Bottles and Cups

Entice your child to drink more water with fun cups and water bottles. Take them to the store and let them pick out fun cups in their favorite color or with their favorite character on them. Buy them straws in their favorite color or even crazy straws to make drinking seem more fun.

How Do They Like Their Water?

Do your kids prefer their water room temperature or ice-cold? I always assumed my kids liked water just like I do, room temperature and so that’s what I always served them. So I was surprised when we got a new fridge with an ice maker and they filled their cups with ice every time. Now I know they’ll drink more if I give them a cup full of ice!

Keep Track

Encourage your kids to drink more water by keeping track of how much they drink in a day. Give them a goal and let them see their progress. This can be as simple as drawing a cup and hanging it on the fridge, then letting your child color a section blue every time he drinks a glass. If your child is older,  you can download an app to keep track of water intake. Some kids’ fitness trackers will also allow kids to keep track of their water consumption as well. 

Reward Them

What rewards might motivate your child to drink more water? A sticker chart works wonders for most little kids. Maybe offer desert only after they drink a certain amount of water. Or, give them a little bit a screen time once they hit their quota for the day.

How About Another Drink?

I think we can all agree that water is the best and healthiest for us, but when you are struggling to get your child to drink, it might be time to consider other beverages. Even adding a splash of juice to a cup of water might sweeten the deal enough to get your child to drink more water. Hit the grocery store and see if you can find some drinks that might be on the healthier side to offer your child. 

Do you have any additional tips to get kids to drink more water? Please add them in the comments below. 



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