How To Make Your Own Covid19 Face Mask

Many states are now requiring that people do not go to public places without a mask. Here are a few tips to make your very own face mask.

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There is no doubt about it that we are living in a hectic and unknown period of time. Along with orders to social distance and stay home, many states are now requiring that people do not go to public places without some sort of mask. This added layer of protection is meant to help stop the spread of Covid19 while people are out getting essentials. Here are a few tips to make your very own face mask:

Choose the Shape of Mask You Want

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Many states are lenient on the type of mask that you wear out in public so long as your nose and mouth are covered. Some people have gotten very crafty with this by using items such as bandannas and scarves as quick substitutes. Covid masks can be made in several shapes and sizes. Some are rectangle, circular or in a W shape. The shape and size of your mask is just a matter of personal preference. Decide how much of your actual face you want covered. If you prefer to use this safety precaution to not have to apply makeup, a larger rectangle one is probably the answer. However, a small circular one that covers your mouth and nose might be a good idea if you sweat a lot or have very sensitive skin.

Decide on a Pattern or Material

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Some COVID19 masks are tiered, with 2 or 3 layers of fabric lined up in a row. Others are single layer cotton or fleece masks with cute designs, characters or colored patterns. You can also make face masks that have tiny pockets for some sort of filtration device. Choosing the pattern that you will follow to make your mask will really be a matter of preference.

To keep things very simple, you can use products such as an old tee shirt or even coffee filters to make a very simple yet effective mask. Head wraps or old baby blankets/ pillow cases can also be cut or shredded to make a spur of the moment mask. Keep some of these items in your vehicle or purse as well, just in case you need them in a pinch while out getting supplies or are an essential worker.

Putting It All Together

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Pinterest and Youtube are full of tutorials on how to sew or put together your Covid19 mask of choice. Some will require a sewing machine while others can be made with basic household items. Depending on the route you want to take, many supplies can be purchased on Amazon. Or essential businesses such at Walmart or Target remain open during this time period. 

Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams even has a tutorial on how to make one out of an old shirt and two rubber bands. With many states now requiring residents to not leave their homes without some sort of mask on, use these tips and trick to create a custom mask that can keep both you and others safe. 

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