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How To Multi-Task (Safely) During Your Work Commute

As a working mom, you are probably always short on time! Find extra time in your car! Make the most of your morning work commute. Use the time in the car to accomplish other important tasks so you can stay ahead of your day.working mom

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Catch Up With A Friend

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If it doesn’t cause you to be a distracted driver, why not call a friend on your way to work? Mornings and evenings are so busy for working moms so there isn’t much time left for friends. If you have friends who have a similar commute time, schedule a call with each other one morning a week.

Make A List

There’s a lot you can do using the hands-free option on your phone. Use your commute time to create lists for yourself. Create your grocery list for the weekend, plan your meals for the week, make a top three things to get done today list, or have a little fun by adding items to your bucket list. This is a productive use of your time and will save you from writing all these things out later on.

Listen To An Audiobook

Audiobooks are great for a long commute! Instead of piling up books on your nightstand knowing you’ll be too tired to read them at the end of the day, why not download them to your phone? Instead of spending your drive listening to songs you’ve heard over and over again, get your brain engaged by listening to a great book.

Try a New Podcast


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Not ready to commit to an entire book? Then check out a new podcast to keep you entertained on your commute. If you are looking to get the biggest return on your time, choose a show that will give you a leg up at work, or pick a parenting podcast that will help you with the kids.


Taking some time in each morning to spend in prayer, meditation, or simply sitting in silence is a peaceful way to start your day. But, if your mornings are hectic, you can use your commute time to put these practices into place. Turn off the radio and let your brain enjoy some quiet before heading into the office.

Eat Breakfast

Eating in the car probably isn’t the healthiest way to have breakfast, but it sure does save you some time. To save even more time, prep your breakfast the night before, so you can grab it on your way out the door.

Just because you have to spend time in your car every morning doesn’t mean that time can’t be productive. Make the most of every minute or your work commute!

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