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Increase Your Parental Involvement In School This Year

Finding time to for parental involvement in school is not only important but also sometimes necessary for a school to stay afloat or function properly. Administrators and teachers really appreciate it when parents offer to spend time in the classroom or find other ways to contribute to the overall welfare of the school in which their child attends. If you struggle with ways to be more active in your child’s class, here are some ideas to help out:

Volunteer When Needed

parental involvement in school

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Teachers often send out notices in children’s backpacks when there are impending field trips. Usually these notes will ask for volunteers to help keep an eye on the students while the class is out on the excursion. Signing up to be a chaperone is a big responsibility, but also a chance to spend time with your own child and meet some of their school friends that you might not have had a chance to meet before. Extra adults are also appreciated anytime there is a large group of kids in a public place.

If field trips aren’t your thing, consider volunteering your expertise instead. For example, if you are an artist and can find some time to show the students how to make something or talk to them about your profession that would be very appreciated by the teacher and students alike. Talk to your child’s teacher and brainstorm ways in which you might be able to either plan an activity and perhaps even just offer to help within the classroom as a class mother/father on days you have some availability.

Chair a Committee or Club

increase your involvement in school

If you don’t have time to go to the school during the weekday or can’t get much time off to go on field trips, consider signing up to be part of the school’s parent/teacher organization, booster club or maybe even give coaching a try! Most committees, clubs and some coaching gigs are strictly ran by volunteers. Most of these opportunities hold meetings or practices after school or during evening hours when more people are or done work and available. Ask your child’s teacher or stop by the main office and ask what programs need some additional volunteers. Word of mouth is also good for this, so also reach out to other parents and find out what programs they are in as well.

Show Your Face at the School

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Probably the biggest way to increase your parental involvement in school is to make an effort to go to your child’s school for pick up/drop off or other opportune and appropriate times throughout the school year. Being present and up to date on what is going on in your child’s school can be best achieved by doing these things. You can also ask the teacher if there is anything she needs for his/her classroom during these times. For example, offer to pick up some school supplies, disinfecting wipes or other necessary things to help the classroom run more efficiently. Keep in mind that many teachers end up buying many of these things with their own money. There are so many benefits to being more involved for your child and for you too!

Increase Your Parental Involvement in School This Year

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