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Kleenex Hand Towels & The Hand Drying Song

I saw a commercial recently that completely caught my attention, and here is why…

My sister, the queen of healthy meals , did a science experiment when she was in the 5th grade.  She is much older than that now, so you can see what kind of impact it had on her.  Her teacher had all the students touch a petrie dish with their hands.  Then they went and washed their hands, and touched the petrie dish again.  They were trying to see how much bacteria is on your hands before and after the hand washing.  Shockingly they found that there was MORE bacteria on their hands AFTER they washed them!  They had to think about it for a while, and finally figured out that it was because of the towel they were drying their hands with (the one hanging up in the bathroom).  So now, she washes her bathroom towels every single day.  What a PAIN!  There is a new solution, that will actually help cut down water usage in her household, and it’s Kleenex Hand Towels.

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I was given a few boxes of Kleenex Hand Towels to try out, and I of course sent one over to my sister’s house.  She just happens to live about 2 blocks away.  We immediately put her kids to work washing their hands…

They had so much fun learning the song that my nephew also decided to make a video about Kleenex Hand Towels saving the world…

The towels are soft and very absorbant. My hands actually get dry much more quickly since using them. I have also been using them as I clean the bathroom. Whereas before I would use regular paper towels while cleaning my bathroom. I like the fact that it fits where a normal towel would go, but I have towel “rings” in my bathrooms. I wish they made one that would fit better in those. I just have to keep them on the counter instead.

I had already wanted to try them out when I saw the commercial, so when I was approached to work on this project, I immediately said yes. Long ago Kleenex replaced the hankercheif (with its nasty, crusty snot), and I have a feeling they’ve hit on the next revolution in hygiene, and that’s their new hand towels. Go check them out today! If you want to check out the Hand Drying Song too you can download the mp3 and lyrics at This site also has some great information about the towels themselves too.

Here’s the GREAT news!!! You’ll have a chance to win a $50 gift card from Service Master, a fantastic all-purpose cleaning and house service company. Whether it’s used towards a Merry Maids cleaning service so your bathroom is clean, tidy and ready for a fresh box of Kleenex Hand Towels or towards a lawn care service (summer is just around the corner!), you can experience a clean, fresh home! Simply comment on this post in order to be entered to win! It’s that easy! Good Luck! (Entries will close at 9 PM on Sunday, June 6th.)

*Disclosure – Kleenex provided me a few boxes to facilitate the review of their product, and I’m participating in this campaign with The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions on the product itself are my own, and I was not told what to say about it.

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