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Lazy Susan Storage

Hello! I am Becca with Tabletop Lazy Susans, and a friend of Sarah’s. We were talking recently about ways to organize your kitchen, and thought it would be fun for me to tell you about how I have organized a space in my kitchen with a Lazy Susan.

In my home, I have a beautiful kitchen with wonderful, knotty alder wood cabinets. Unfortunately, there is one section where my cabinets are so deep, it makes the corner countertop underneath virtually unusable.
I found a great way to utilize that otherwise useless corner was with a lazy susan! I placed it directly in that deep corner, and now it’s an accesible home to my flour, sugar, salt, and powdered sugar container. It has made a big difference in the organization of my counter tops and makes reaching cooking supplies much easier.

You can also use a Lazy Susan inside your kitchen cupboards! It’s a great way to organize spices and cooking essentials.  
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Thanks for letting me stop by Sarah and share a product I am proud of representing! Hopefully this will give all you readers out there a great idea to help keep your kitchen organized. You can find my website at

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