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Productivity Affirmation.. I Do Have the Time!

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Repeat this productivity affirmation as often as you need to during the day: I HAVE TIME TO DO WHAT I NEED TO GET DONE.

One record that plays over and over in my mind is that I don’t have time to finish all the things I need or want to do during the day. I will catch myself saying things like:

  • There is NO WAY I’ll get to the laundry today.
  • I can’t possibly get dinner on the table with all the places I have to be.
  • Once school starts up again, then I’ll have time to workout.
  • Once school gets out for the summer, then I’ll have time to workout.

But then a funny thing happened.  I started seeing a personal trainer/ nutritionist.  Not only did she give me great meal plans and exercise ideas, but she also prepared sort of an “affirmations” page for me to read each morning.  Without giving her background of my life and responsibilities, she added to my affirmations page:

I am always organized and have time to do what I need to get done. I have a schedule and I stick to it to stay on track.”

When I read those words, I literally got chills.  It was exactly what I needed to hear and didn’t even realize it.  I have read this document she prepared both morning and night, and guess what?  I actually have time to get done what I need to!  I also have been sticking to my schedule!  I must say that this simple sentence has been life changing for me!  To have control over my schedule allows me to include fun things in my schedule, like hiking with my husband.

Repeating goals or personal affirmations is a great way to design the life you desire.  Think about what records are playing in your head as it pertains to how you spend your day, and replace the inner voice with the life you want for yourself.

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