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Simple Steps for Your First Garden!

Simple steps for beginning a garden

Thinking of starting a garden? The time is now! It’s May and time to till up the dirt and get ready to garden. Starting a garden is a great way to bring you and your family closer together and save you money on produce. As a beginner gardener you are probably wondering what should I grow and what is the first step?

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Thankfully, I have a few tips on how to garden which I learned from my parents. Keep in mind it’s important to plan out the size of your garden.  Find your perfect space that is ideal for sunlight and easy to water.

How to Start Your First Garden

Before you garden, you will also want to plan what type of vegetables you would like to grow. Seedlings or seed catalogs are best for first-time gardeners and perform well. Check out these essential tips on what is necessary for your garden.

Three essentials to a successful garden:

Here are the things you need to be successful when you are starting your first garden.


All plants require natural sunlight to grow.

Healthy Soil

You must test the soil. The soil should be moist and organic.


All vegetables need water and it is necessary for plants to grow.

The Best Vegetables for Your First Garden

Here are three vegetables that are helpful to start your first garden:


Probably the most popular vegetable in a garden. The cherry tomatoes are the easiest to grow. They require little water and maintenance.


Radishes take only 20 days to reach full size and can grow easily in soil at six feet deep with full sun or partial shade.


Easy to grow and very little maintenance, they require minimal water and they are not easily susceptible to diseases and insects.

These are just a few of the easiest vegetables to grow in your new garden. Thankfully, I am learning from my parents and each year we add new vegetables. 

Some of the vegetables we grow are tomatoes, cabbage, okra, corn, and eggplant. In fact, gardening has brought my immediate family closer together because we value the quality time working together. What vegetables will you plant in your garden?


simple steps to your first garden

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