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17 Awesome Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

There are so many different ways to attack spring cleaning, and not everyone likes to go about it the same way.  Whether your looking for the sky high view of how to get started, or you’re more focused on the whole house view, we have you covered!


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One of the best parts of spring is spring cleaning. Sure that might feel a little demented but it’s true. There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting your house cleaned all the way up and all of the way out. Looking around at a fresh and new feeling home is incredibly satisfying.

How to Get Started Spring Cleaning

The hardest part is of course about spring cleaning is getting started!  Here are some simple tips to help get you on the right track!

1. Go Room By Room

First, go through every single room in your house. Look at every shelf. Look in every drawer. Look in every cabinet. Look under and behind every single piece of furniture. Gather up every single item that does not belong in that room and put it in a basket. Then take the contents of that basket and put every item in the room in which it actually belongs.

Don’t clean yet. You’re just organizing.

2. Surface Clean and Organize

Once everything is in the right room, go back to where you started. Do a basic cleaning of the surfaces and put every object in its correct space.

3. Pare Down

Go back through every single room again. This time the goal is to clean out instead of clean up. Be as ruthless as possible. For every item you own ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this have tremendous sentimental value?
  • Have I used it within the last twelve months?
  • Will I actually use it within the next twelve months?

Be honest. If the answer to those questions is no, put it aside to either be donated, tossed out or sold in a yard sale (or online).

4. Debug

Get rid of pests. Just because you haven’t seen any bugs or critters within the last few months doesn’t mean they won’t start popping up again now that the weather is changing.

Call your local Terminix rep and have them come out and do an inspection and help you take preliminary measures against invasive pests.

5. Clean

Now is when you really clean. And when we say clean we don’t mean simply wiping off a counter and running the vacuum.

Here’s how to thoroughly clean a room:

Start by emptying the room and washing the walls and ceiling. Launder any drapes. Wash the windows. Wash out closets and wash down closet shelves. Deep clean the carpet with a professional grade carpet cleaner (or polish any hardwoods).

As you move each piece of furniture back into the room, give it a thorough scrubbing and polishing as well.

Wipe down every wipe-downable surface as you put your possessions back in place. Use a dry paper towel to wipe dust from books. Use a cleaning cloth and some gentle cleanser to wipe off knick knacks and tchotchkes.

Put (freshly washed of course) linens back in place.

Don’t forget to clean the outside of your home and to do a thorough going over of your yard. Hire a professional to power wash your siding and landscapers to get the yard in shape if you aren’t equipped to do these things.

Twelve Simple Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Whole Home

We started with talking about how to clean a room well, when it comes to your whole house, there are some things you may be missing to really give the place a once over.

1. Change the filter on our air conditioner/heater

Really gotta get the air in this house clean!

2. Open all the windows for at least a day

More cleaning of the air.

3. Sweep out the garage

There is so much gravel and dirt on that floor it amazes me!  If things are really bad, here’s a detailed guide on how to clean your garage floor.

4. Wash all the linens

I do usually do this weekly anyway, but it’s still on my list.

5. Clean the windows sills as I open the window

Just ICK right now!  You’ll be surprised about how much junk accumulates there.

6. Clean all the blinds

Wipe them down with a damp cloth is how I’m going to accomplish this task.  The dust on there is way to much for a simple duster today.

7. Vacuum all the floors

Again a typical task for me, but if I’m getting everything TOTALLY clean this week I could not neglect this.

8. Shampoo carpets

They have some nifty tools you can rent at the grocery store in order to accomplish this, or you can hire it out.  Just depends on your budget.

9. Clean out doormats & bathmats

I throw my bathmats into the wash, and the doormats I give a good beating outside (good way to get out some frustrations!)

10. Wipe down and clean out the refrigerator

This is one of those things no one likes to do, but has to be done in for the sake of a good cleaning.

11. Clean oven

Give your oven a good cleaning.  Again, this is something that is usually neglected.

12. Wipe down walls

My favorite hack to get this done is a stiffer and a microfiber cloth.  This is one of those things most people don’t even think of doing.

There you have it, how to get started spring cleaning, no matter how you want to tackle it.  If you want to tackle the house room by room, or you want a whole house view, follow this simple guide to get started.

Be sure to check out the great collection of  Spring Cleaning Printable Charts we have collected to really get you on your way!

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