The Best Laid Plans

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On Friday I had a really great post.  It was to be a vlog.  I’m not going to tell you what the vlog is about, because I’m still hoping to do it this Friday.  Here is what DID happen though.  I had the camera all set up.  I had the props ready to go.  I had spent forever getting the angle on the camera just right.  I was about to hit “record” and the phone on my laptop rang.  Then I was on help desk calls for the next 3 hours!  This was actually very unexpected, since Friday’s are typically slower for me, and especially the Friday before a holiday!  I thought for sure the afternoon would be help desk free!

So what did I end up doing?  By the time I was able to do the vlog, the kids were up and in the way, the sun had set further, making the lighting impossible, and it was time to just scrap the whole thing.   

When do you decide to scrap the whole thing?  When it’s not going to turn out nearly as well as it would have if you could have done it right. 

Some things you can get by with doing a job that’s “good enough”.  When that is the case go with it, and try and cross that thing of your to do list ASAP. 

Lesson learned: Buy a spotlight so I can do my vlog’s at night when the kids are sleeping and the help desk is quiet.  🙂

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