The Fine Art of Calendaring

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Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I started this new job and guess what that means? Access to an office supply catalog. I have so missed that! You know, when the secretary comes around and you just mark the page and write down the catalog number and stuff (you don’t have to pay for) magically appears at your desk mere days later? I love that. Having it again reminded me of a helpless addiction of mine: calendars. I am such a sucker for calendars; big ones, small ones, erasable ones, magnetic ones, electronic ones, etc. Gimme gimme gimme.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have mastered the fine art of calendaring. You probably have it down to a science. In fact, you probably think yours is the very best calendaring system in the whole world. If, in the last month, you haven’t smacked yourself on the forehead because you forgot an appointment… then, you’re right. Yours is the very best calendaring system in the whole world.

Here are some of my universal must-haves for calendars. I must have color-coding. If it’s a family calendar, every member of the family gets their own color. If it’s a personal calendar, different categories of activities get different colors. Either way, paper or electronic like the Daily Home Planner, I have to have color. My other must-have is universal access. I must be able to see my calendar wherever I am. For paper, I love a pocket calendar. For electronic, I love a calendar I can view from any computer, at work, at school or at home. I don’t like fru-fru. Don’t give me a calendar with an address book and a millage tracker. I just want to know what I’m doing when – not carry around a lot of superfluous information or blank pages.

What are your calendar must/must-not-haves? Post a comment and you’ll be entered to win a free set of Organize It Mom! calendars (pictured above) with your choice of color-coded pens to go with. It actually comes with two months and one week. It’s awesome! But then, I would think that… mine is the best calendaring system in the world right?

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  • Haha- ever since HIGH SCHOOL I’ve been color coding my calendar! I used to have separate colors for my high school clasees, extra curriculars, my college classes I was taking, work, church, family stuff, etc. And of course the colors had meanings- orange for HS because that was one of our school colors, red for college b/c it was Ohio State, green for work b/c of green money, etc. These days I haven’t been as disciplined about color coding but if I had a new calendar I would!!! ­čÖé

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  • I require plenty of space in which to write. Some days we’ll have several things going, and I have to have them all written down in my own made-up-shorthand-sort-of-way. (Grins)

    I’ve never used color coding before, but am slowly coming to see the usefulness of said method. With 3 kids, a husband, a vacation coming up, running the children’s ministry at church—colors may be more helpful than I first thought!

    Currently, I keep 3 calendars going–one in the laundry room, one by the computer, and one by my “kitchen office space” (corner of the counter w/ bills, etc). I have to know what’s up at all times.

  • A must-have with my calendar is a space to write a dinner menu for each day. It helps me coordinate our meals with what’s going on that day (busy days=quick meals, etc).

    I also require a lot of writing space. I write EVERYTHING I do each day in the calendar, from people I need to call, to specific chores I need to do, to funny things the kids do or say (color coded, of course), or places we go. By doing this, I can keep up the children’s baby books accurately without pulling them out all the time. I few times a year I update baby books with pictures, at which time I flip through my calendar to record memorable moments for each child.

    Calendars are definately a organization freaks favorite toy! My husband laughs at me when I get a new calendar, because I can’t wait til the kids are in bed so I can spend hours setting it up!

  • I have moved from the Franklin to a pocket sized for my purse.

    I have to have paper…no digital. I do track things on Outlook, but print it out for the fridge. Everything on it is colorcoded, of course!

    My pocket size must be spiral bound…and I have to have a mechanical pencil in it. No pen. I don’t like crossouts in my calendar! It’s all erase/rewrite. So much cleaner to look at!

    I end up getting a new one every 6-9 months, tho, just cuz I want to. That’s not very smart, I guess.

    Oh, and the Outlook printout MUST be in color (or the coding really doesn’t work, does it?), and MUST be in landscape format, a full month but only on one sheet.

    Guess I am a little anal.

    Nah, I just know what I like!

  • I have found that my greatest need is snychronization and invitations!! I needed to schedule dr appts that my husband needs to attend with myself and son and I didn’t have access to his calender, and there was no way to expect him to keep one for work and then copy it to a family calender at home. I was using outlook because I could forward an invitation to him but since we were on different servers I couldn’t access his. Google had a shared feature but again I couldn’t expect that he would keep multiples, then he found an application that synchromizes your Outlook and Google calender so there is no duplication!!! So now he shared his google calender out so I can see it which is synched to his work outlook calendar and I can color code each different calendar. I am still keeping outlook for work, google compiled with my work, family, and his work but at least there is less duplication and I can access it from any computer!!

  • For me, a giant desk calendar hung on the wall works best. I scribble notes, reminders, lists, and when that month is over, I tear it off and file it for reference. I keep a personal planner w/calendar in my purse for on the go reminders. Love this site, much needed. Thanks!

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