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The Kids’ Bathroom Organization

Keeping your kids’ bathroom organized and neat can be challenging. Children tend to be quite messy, in a hurry and don’t take the time to clean up after themselves. However, there is hope! Here are some great tips you can implement to keep the kids’ bathroom neat and organized:

kids' bathroom organization

Cups and Canisters

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Create storage space for each child using plastic cups and canisters in practically placed spaces. Line a towel rack with hangable storage options, creating a bin for each child or product. For example, toothpaste and toothbrushes in one cup, cotton swabs in another and hair products in another. If the bathroom has plenty of counterspace, you can create the same effect with individual canisters. Give each child a canister for their toothbrushing stuff and an additional one for other person items. You can color code their canisters to keep things even more organized!

Other ideas to keep teeth cleaning items in more of an order are tooth brush organizers, cups and wall mounts.

Hanging Space Savers

Keeping clutter off of bathroom counters is imperative so that kids can get ready for school in the morning without constantly looking for items. Another way to do this is with hanging storage options. Hang hooks in areas of the bathroom that children can easily reach. This can include on the backsides of cabinet or bathroom doors. This type of storage is excellent for dry items such as washcloths, makeup or hair accessories. Some companies even sell hanging storage that can be put directly into the shower. These would be good for keeping bath toys, shampoo and loofas.

kids in the bathtub kid's bathroom organization

Hanging storage that you put inside a cabinet can also be used to store cleaning products. Keeping a set of cleaning products just for the kids bathroom is also a good idea so that when it is time for a deep scrubbing, everything is close by. Once you accomplish kids’ bathroom organization you will definitely want to keep it clean!

Utilize the Space You Have

The area underneath the sink is often only used for cleaning products or extra toilet paper storage. However, this space can be used for a variety of purposes. Try keeping a large plastic container of bath toys under there for kids to play with while getting clean. Storing them elsewhere will clear out the tub for cleaning, but still allow easy access for the next time. Consider installing an under cabinet shelving system to create even more storage options for underneath the bathroom sink. 

Above the toilet is another area of the bathroom that is often left unused, but can be a great place to store extra towel and hygiene products. Simply buy an already established/easy to assemble shelving system or build your own shelves to hang above the toilet itself. 

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Like any area of the home children tend to congregate, clutter can build up fast. It is imperative that kids work to keep the bathroom as clutter free as possible. This can include putting dirty towels in a storage hamper, picking up bath toys when they are not in use and tossing empty or outdated cleaning products. Working together to keep the bathroom neat, organized and clean will make a world of different in the kids’ bathroom organization.

Kids; Bathroom Organization

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