When is enough, enough?

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             I have been struggling lately to answer a serious question; when is enough, enough?  How much is enough in the personal accumulation of food, water, shelter, transportation, clothing, shoes, books, TVs, phones, furniture, etc.?  It’s a difficult question to answer because it’s varies greatly from person to person.  There are so many factors that play into that question that it’s almost too hard to think about in a generalized way.  Money, location, family size, ideology and core beliefs are just a few of the many factors that would influence a persons decision on what is considered enough.  Not to mention time.  As time goes on our needs and wants change and so does our families.  So is there ever really a way to answer the question; when is enough, enough?  Is it even important to know when enough is enough?

            I think that it is an important question to ask ourselves, and often.  It has everything to do with why we go to work, why we spend or don’t spend money, and what we spend our time doing.  It’s a very important question considering the influence that the answer could have on your life.

            I’ve been thinking about many different types of people from hoarders to minimalists, collectors to travelers, apartment residents to mansion residents, so on and so forth.  I’m hoping that by taking a more in-depth look into the lives of others that I might be able to help narrow down a happy medium for me and my family.  I have yet to draw any final conclusions; besides the fact that I know I don’t want to be a hoarder.  :- )

            Now I’m broadening my curiosity even more and asking you.  Where do you stand?  How do you know how much is enough for you?   For your family?  Do you know when enough is enough and how do you keep it that way?  Please help me in my personal quest to find out how much is enough!   Or please feel free to let me know if I am just wasting my time because there isn’t really an answer to be found.

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Sue is a former Professional Organizer who left the field to pursue being The Mom. She is currently employed by her four children, Tyler (8), Bradley (6), Katelyn (4) and Breanna (2.5). As The Mom, Sue's days are filled with dirty diapers, loud kids, lots of messes and tons of fun adventures. She's paid daily in Hugs and Kisses and occasionally receives bonuses paid out in Thank Yous. Sue is the luckiest woman alive since she is married to the ever so handsome, Super Man (a.k.a. Corey). In her spare time Sue likes to sleep, eat doughnuts and sleep some more. Check out more posts from Sue at Tried and True Mommy


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