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Your Relationship With Your Stuff

For Relationship Saturday I’m going to go off the beaten path a bit.  An experience this week prompted this post.  I have a friend named Therese.  Therese texted me because her laptop wouldn’t boot, and wanted advice on how to fix it.  I asked her if she had been giving her laptop goodnight kisses.  She laughed and said no.  I told her that that was what her problem was.  Her laptop wasn’t feeling loved.  While of course I was being a bit facetious (another one of my favorite words), I was slightly serious.  I take a very personal approach to the things I own.  Which may sound crazy to some people, but it really makes things last longer!  I have always named my cars, and treated them with love and respect.  My first car aka Rizzo (’82 Honda Civic) actually FIXED itself on several occasions.  When my Step-Dad purchased the car the reverse did not work.  I would have to either find a parking spot that I could pull all the way through or put it in neutral and go Flinstones on it with my foot hanging out the door to push it backwards.  One day it suddenly started to work!  I have always chalked that up to the love I showed to it (until the day I wrecked it… sorry Rizzo!)

My current laptop is named Elle, and she’s a total rock star!  I give it hugs and talk to it, just like you would do to a plant.  It has never given me any problems or issues, that may also be due to the outstanding specs of my laptop, but I say that is beside the point.

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The point is that if you treat your things with love and respect they will last you longer, and work better!  Now that I’ve revealed how completely crazy I am, do you have any inanimate objects that you love?

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