Being On Time

We have thouroughly established that I’m crazy organized.  One thing I’m a HUGE stickler about is being on time.  Early even.  I can not STAND to be late to anything, even when we would be going over to my brother’s house when we lived in California, I HATED to be late!  Being late can throw entire schedules off.  I really hate it when my schedule is off.

I got my hair done yesterday, I love it by the way!  I went to the salon exactly at 12:00, because I had to be home by 2:30 so that Trevor could go to work.  My hair stylest (who really is great) was running late.  We didn’t get started on my hair until 12:30, she also had to switch back and forth between her previous appt. and her next appt. while she did my hair.  I had to coordinate Maddie going to my sister’s house so that Trevor could leave for work.  I ended up getting out of there at 2:45.  It looks great, but because she was running late, she threw off 3 people’s schedules (4 if you include Maddie).  What can we do to make sure that WE aren’t throwing off other people’s schedules by running late?

young woman with hat and glasses holding a clock. time management concept. nine o`clock

young woman with hat and glasses holding a clock. time management concept. nine o`clock

Get Up Early

If you have to be somewhere early, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready.  If it is hard for you to wake up, put the alarm clock across the room.  If you have to get out of bed to turn it off you are less likely to crawl back into your nice warm bed.

Get Ready FIRST

This is where Trevor and I differ.  I LOVE to be prepared.  If we have to be somewhere at 1 PM, I’ll be ready around 11 AM.  This way I’m ready to go, and then I can relax until it’s actually time to go.  Also I’m not scrambling at 12:45 getting everything ready to go.  This also applies while driving.  If you know your exit is coming up in 5-10 miles, get into the right lane.  Then you aren’t scrambling trying to get over at the last minute with a semi-truck blocking the way.  If you miss your exit you probably won’t be on time.

Check Traffic

I guess being from Southern California when there can be traffic in the most random places, make sure you adjust the time it takes to arrive at a location for time of day and the route you need to take (for example, add 20 extra minutes if you have to take the 405 at any time of the day).

Keep Gas in the Car

Try to fill up the tank whenever it is at 1/4 tank.  This is actually even better for your car (according to my big brother, so don’t quote me on that).  This way you won’t have to stop and get gas on your way somewhere, making you late.

Keep Your Stuff Handy

Always put your keys, glasses, purse, cell phone, etc.  In the same location.  This way you won’t end up spending 20 minutes looking for your keys, again, making you late.

Don’t Think You Are Superman

If you always think it takes you 15 mintues to get ready, but it usually ends up taking you 25, you aren’t planning correctly.  If you say, oh I can do it in 15 if I do this or this, don’t believe yourself!

If you are a chronic “late person” I challenge you to be on time to 5 things this week!  You will feel so much more calm and relaxed.  I promise!

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  • Oooohhh, I could not have said it better. I LOVE this. I think you should publish this in the newspaper or somewhere that can be seen by others than just your bloggers. LOVE IT!!!

  • I personally think that being late to things that effect others is one of the most inconsiderate things you can do. Being late chronically gives the impression that you value your time more than everyone elses. Espeically, I think, in the work place where you relieve another shift (I am an RN). Having my co-workers be late when I have worked a 12 hour shift and want to go home, is SOO frustrating.

  • I am so grateful for the little steps you list. It’s crazy because I know them already and am just not putting them into action. So a little help and organization without feeling overwhelmed goes a long way. I have three kids under the age of 3 and 2 are twin 1 yr olds and the other is almost 3. Life is crazy and I am always late. Although alot of the time it is because of random things happening with the kids that I cannot predict, I could definitely do alot better at planning ahead to help save time. I’m going to do my best to take the challenge. This is all so new after having the kids and I’m still young and learning, but I want it and I will do better. Just looking for help! Thanks!

  • I am the kind of person who will be 5 minutes late for her own funeral. It’s not that I don’t value time or other people’s time because I do. In fact I value my time so much that I don’t want to be early. When I’m early to the doctor’s office I end up waiting even longer to be seen – the same for the dentist, the auto repair shop, school meetings, business meetings, church, etc. Being too early, in my opinion, is a waste of time because the earlier you get somewhere the longer you wait.
    My husband, my mother, and my father are the exact opposite. They are always early – super early – for everything. If my Mom is taking my children somewhere and she says she’s leaving at 6:00 then I know my kids have to be ready at 5:00 or 5:30 (at the latest). It drives me crazy. If they are going to a movie that starts at 7:00 she will leave at 4:00. Why??? Even if you take off an hour off for the drive and time it takes to buy tickets & snacks you’re still going to sit in your car for at least 2 hours waiting. It doesn’t make sense to me. Perhaps that’s why I rebel against being early for things.
    I do love your tips and I under the gist of what you’re saying but my question is, “Isn’t being too early a waste a time?”

  • Love to get ready first! If you don’t that is where you get into serious trouble! I have a clock in my bathroom too so I know what time I am starting and what time I plan on finishing up. If early, I have time to get one more thing done, If not, scoot out the door! Thanks for this great post!

  • My mom’s strategy for being on time to things with 7 kids was to set her watch 30 minutes ahead. That way SHE would start getting ready to go when it looked like there was just enough time, but when it took longer for kids to get ready she didn’t have to stress.

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