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  1. Amie
    November 13, 2007

    Oooohhh, I could not have said it better. I LOVE this. I think you should publish this in the newspaper or somewhere that can be seen by others than just your bloggers. LOVE IT!!!


  2. Courtney
    July 9, 2008

    I personally think that being late to things that effect others is one of the most inconsiderate things you can do. Being late chronically gives the impression that you value your time more than everyone elses. Espeically, I think, in the work place where you relieve another shift (I am an RN). Having my co-workers be late when I have worked a 12 hour shift and want to go home, is SOO frustrating.


  3. Joy (from Just Plain Joy)
    November 11, 2008

    Love this post! This is definitely one of my pet peeves!

    Joy (from Just Plain Joy)s last blog post..Tuesday’s Top Pick: Guy Named Dave


  4. Dawnyale
    January 1, 2009

    this was my favorite one of all topics because I am one of those last minute people and your challenge is definately on.thanks.


  5. Hassan
    January 31, 2009

    I love this and wish all the best. I think the reason people are late is poor acountibily of time.


  6. writingmamaof4
    July 15, 2009

    Great article! I am always late and am desperately seeking to get better! Thanks for the tips! I will definitely utilize them.


  7. Cbeachgrl
    February 27, 2011

    I am so grateful for the little steps you list. It’s crazy because I know them already and am just not putting them into action. So a little help and organization without feeling overwhelmed goes a long way. I have three kids under the age of 3 and 2 are twin 1 yr olds and the other is almost 3. Life is crazy and I am always late. Although alot of the time it is because of random things happening with the kids that I cannot predict, I could definitely do alot better at planning ahead to help save time. I’m going to do my best to take the challenge. This is all so new after having the kids and I’m still young and learning, but I want it and I will do better. Just looking for help! Thanks!


  8. Pamela
    June 18, 2011

    I am the kind of person who will be 5 minutes late for her own funeral. It’s not that I don’t value time or other people’s time because I do. In fact I value my time so much that I don’t want to be early. When I’m early to the doctor’s office I end up waiting even longer to be seen – the same for the dentist, the auto repair shop, school meetings, business meetings, church, etc. Being too early, in my opinion, is a waste of time because the earlier you get somewhere the longer you wait.
    My husband, my mother, and my father are the exact opposite. They are always early – super early – for everything. If my Mom is taking my children somewhere and she says she’s leaving at 6:00 then I know my kids have to be ready at 5:00 or 5:30 (at the latest). It drives me crazy. If they are going to a movie that starts at 7:00 she will leave at 4:00. Why??? Even if you take off an hour off for the drive and time it takes to buy tickets & snacks you’re still going to sit in your car for at least 2 hours waiting. It doesn’t make sense to me. Perhaps that’s why I rebel against being early for things.
    I do love your tips and I under the gist of what you’re saying but my question is, “Isn’t being too early a waste a time?”


  9. Ellen Delap
    August 30, 2011

    Love to get ready first! If you don’t that is where you get into serious trouble! I have a clock in my bathroom too so I know what time I am starting and what time I plan on finishing up. If early, I have time to get one more thing done, If not, scoot out the door! Thanks for this great post!


  10. Michaela Stephens
    May 3, 2012

    My mom’s strategy for being on time to things with 7 kids was to set her watch 30 minutes ahead. That way SHE would start getting ready to go when it looked like there was just enough time, but when it took longer for kids to get ready she didn’t have to stress.


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