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I bought a pretty little notebook a few weeks ago to keep my grocery lists on. It made me think about how I am far more likely to use something if aesthetically it is appealing to me. I think when it comes to products that keep us organized in life, it’s a lot like our relationship with clothing. If it feels and looks good, we will wear it. It’s the same for our life and our homes. If it looks pretty, and it makes me feel good, we will enjoy and utilize it.

Derek Waskerd contacted me a few weeks ago, and I was immediately smitten by his handmade products. Derek is an original Texan who loves the craft of leather. Here’s what Derek says about working as a craftsman:

“I appreciate nice, thick leather.  I love leather in it’s natural state–imperfections and all.  I love the smell of leather.  I love the feel of it, and more than anything, I love how quality leather patines and forms from handling and use.  When I began making wallets I wanted to incorporate some my grandfather and his love for cattle in my work. I chose to name the colors of my leather products after Hereford, Limousin, Simmental, and Angus cows because of the time I spent around them with my grandfather.”

Derek has a beautiful website Waskerd. Here he sells handmade items like wallets, notebooks, key rings and business cards holders. Derek sent me a few to sample and I was immediately in love with not only the quality, but the smell and feel of his products as well.

This one is titled the “Little Idea Machine”. It is a brilliant product intended to hold business cards and notes. One side has a pocket perfect for a standard size business card, and the middle holds a pocket that perfectly fits 3×5 index cards.

The other side holds index cards as well leaving them exposed for note taking. I love how the corners hold the cards in place!

As you can see from the side this piece boasts beautiful stitching and quality leather. The Little Idea Machine retails for $75 here. Custom monograms are also available.

One of my favorite things about Derek’s products are the packaging. Each item he sells comes delicately wrapped, and with a beautiful leather business card attached. So clever!

Here’s another product Derek sent me. This is the 3-pocket wallet named Prince Drew. It retails for $60 and has the option of monograming as well.

Derek even put my own website name on it as well! I have already filled the Prince Drew up with business cards, and it’s the perfect wallet for carrying cash and bank cards when I go out and don’t want to carry around a purse.

Thank you Derek for sharing some of your talents with me! To learn more about Derek and read his charming story as to how he started his craft, go here. To purchase and view many other Waskerd products, go here.

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