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Chores For Children That Will Make A Difference

There are lots of chores that need to be done around the house that busy moms will never get too. But if everyone in the family pitches in to help it can really make a difference.  Even young children can do chores around the house that will help ease your burden at the same time teaching them to be helpful and responsible.

Wiping Baseboards

This is a really great chore for kids of (almost) any age to do because they don’t need anything special to get it done besides a damp rag or wipe of some sort. We like to give our kids baby wipes when they help clean because there’s no cleaner on it, but dust/dirt sticks to it and it doesn’t need to be rinsed.

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The reason this chore makes such a big difference is that baseboards often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning a room. Not to mention that when it does get done, it’s usually only a couple times of year at most.

Sanitizing doorknobs, light switches, handles

Germs hide everywhere, but it’s the places that everyone touches where they hide the most: doorknobs, light switches and handles (fridge, cabinet doors, etc).

This is a chore that might be a little better for age 4+ because I would recommend using Lysol or Clorox wipes or some type of disinfecting spray to clean. We started having our kids do this fairly regularly and we haven’t been sick nearly as much as other years.

Wiping window sills and window tracks

Two other areas of the home that can be forgotten when it’s time to clean: window sills and window tracks. Most window sills are within easy reach of kids, which means they can also reach to clean them.

Dust and grime collect on the sills and in the tracks, cleaning them will make a big difference. If you want to do a really thorough job, give your kids q-tips dipped in a little bit of water to really get the cracks of the window track clean!

Rinsing and wiping down the bathroom sink

This chore might be a little more important in the bathrooms where people brush their teeth and get ready for the day. No one likes seeing globs of toothpaste or hair in the place where they’re supposed to be washing their hands.

We keep a container of disinfecting wipes under our bathroom sink. Whichever child has the bathroom chore for the week can easily rinse and wipe it down each day.

Cleaning doors and walls

Whenever I get down on my kids level, I’m a little grossed out.  I see all the dirt and grime on the doors and walls. These are the areas I don’t normally see because I’m at least 2 feet taller than them. But this is a great way to find the places they touch most often and what needs to be cleaned. 

We like to have our kids wipe down the doors from as high as they can reach.  Then they wipe all the way down to the bottom on both sides. The same thing goes for the walls in areas like their bedroom or the hallway.


From a young age, my two older kids loved to vacuum our kitchen floor. And considering how messy they were, it needed to be vacuumed a lot! We have a rechargeable vacuum that we keep in the closet next to our kitchen area so it’s easily accessible. While it doesn’t replace the need for sweeping, it makes keeping the floor clean a lot more manageable.

Chores for Children that Will Make a Difference

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