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Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Kids!

Getting the whole family on board with cleaning can be a real drag. This can be particularly hard for members of the family that despise cleaning or really have a hard time getting motivated to help. If your kiddos have a hard time pitching in the with cleaning around the house, here are a few cleaning hacks for lazy kids to try out!

Small Steps

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If cleaning just isn’t your child’s thing, then start small! One idea is to make a list of smaller household chores that are quick and easy to get done. Doing things in a series of smaller steps will make kids feel accomplished but it won’t overwhelm them.

Walk around the house as a family and look for smaller cleaning jobs that they could handle. Try not to assign children cleaning tasks that will be too hard for them at first. By doing this, you could make them start to loathe helping with cleaning. It is also important to keep in mind the age of the child helping – only give them a task that’s age appropriate.

cleaning hacks for lazy kids

Keep Things Fresh

Cleaning and tidying your home can because rote and downright boring. For kids with short attention spans, mixing up the routine can help them keep up. For example, assign cleaning tasks to children weekly, rather than monthly. This way one child isn’t always stuck with the same cleaning chore all the time. This will also help children learn how to complete different cleaning activities in the whole house and not just a certain area.

Ask for input from your children, making note of which tasks they prefer to do. With this information in mind, make sure they have weeks where they get to do the chore they prefer and not always one they despise.

Keep Them Motivated

So many children are motivated by the possibility of a reward for a job well done. This same theory can be applied to getting them more involved with cleaning! Create a sticker chart that can be added to as each child help to complete a cleaning chore. When a certain amount of stickers are added, figure out a reasonable reward for helping out. Rewards can be something as simple and inexpensive as a piece of candy, a small monetary gift or a trip to get an ice cream cone. 

Make It Fun

Most children will complete almost any task if you keep it fun! Brainstorm different ways to keep cleaning fun for the whole family. Try creating timed cleaning competitions to see how fast a cleaning chore can be done swiftly but effectively. Another idea is to put music on throughout the whole house while the entire family tackles the dirty jobs. Imagine dancing in the kitchen as you pass by each other onto your next cleaning job! This will not only make cleaning fun, but it will create lasting memories that your kids can carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

cleaning hacks for lazy kids

You can also make cleaning into a workout by putting wrist or ankle weights on. The extra physical activity will keep your kiddos moving and help them learn how to keep a clean house, too.  Hopefully these cleaning hacks will help your family, you aren’t the only parents with lazy kids!

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