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Easy Games for any Occasion

If you are ever in a pinch for a fun spur of the moment game look no further. Try using one of these easy games for any occasion.

Easy and Fun Games

Have you ever found yourself sitting around after dinner with friends trying to decide what game to play? Or maybe you have a group of teens or tweens hanging out at your house asking you what they should do.

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Look no further. Here is a list of easy games for any occasion that require no prep work from you so you can spontaneously burst into a game at any given moment.

The Staring game

Let’s start off with the easiest game EVER. It takes no planning or prep work and no skill is involved making this game a winner for most everyone.

The staring game begins by everyone sitting in some sort of a circle. You don’t need a perfect circle just seating so that everyone can see everyone else that is playing.

Feel free to sit on the floor or in chairs or a combination. The main thing is to be able to see all the other players.

Next, everyone closes their eyes and someone counts to three. You’ll need to pick a person in the beginning who will be the counter. They can still play the game with everyone as well as count.

Once the counter counts to three everyone opens their eyes and stares at someone else in the circle. If you are staring at the same person who is staring at you then you are both out. Easy right!

A grandpa and a baby looking at each other.
Photo by Camila Franco on Unsplash

The game continues with another round of everyone closing their eyes, the counter counting to three and everyone opening their eyes. Again each player should be staring at someone. If you are staring at the person who is staring at you then you are both out!

The game continues round by round until there are only two people left (they would have to stare at each other) or one person left.

To spice things up the counter could count faster and faster between each round so the game moves quickly. The people who are out can move out of the circle so it is easier to know who you can stare at for the next round.

This is one of my new favorite easy games for any occasion because you can play it anywhere at anytime.

The Sign Game

This easy games for any occasion doesn’t require anything extra to play it. You just need a group of willing participants. Like the staring game you will want to start this game by sitting in a circle of sorts so that everyone can see each other.

Next, everyone needs to decide what their sign will be. For example, your sign might be making the peace sign with your fingers. It could be scratching your forehead or winking. The idea is to have something that could be somewhat discreet.

A girl sticking out her tongue, winking and making a hand sign.
Photo by Shane Cottle on Unsplash

Once everyone has picked a sign and shown it to everyone (try and remember at least a few of them) the game begins with someone being “it” and closing their eyes and someone agreeing to start the sign passing. You pass the sign by doing your sign and then someone else’s. Then that person does their own sign to receive it and then someone else’s to pass it along.

As soon as the sign has begun being passed the “it” person can open their eyes. Their goal is to guess which person has the sign, meaning they have accepted it but haven’t yet passed it to someone else. The “it” person should also stand in the middle of the circle. This gives the players a chance to pass the sign when the “it” person’s back is turned.

If you get caught with the sign then you are “it” and a new round begins. This easy game is so fun because you are trying to be sneaky and not get caught by the person in the middle as you are making all kinds of crazy hand motions and facial expressions.

It can also get interesting when the person you are trying to pass the sign to isn’t looking your way. Or, when you can only remember a few signs. Making this one of the best easy games for any occasion.

The Vegetable Game

There have been many laughs from playing the staring and sign games but the biggest laughs were had playing the vegetable game.

This game really is an easy game for any occasion. I learned about it on an all girls camping trip with the youth in our area.

You begin this game by once again making a circle so everyone can see each other. Next, each player picks which vegetable they want to be. There cannot be any duplicates and you need to try and remember as many vegetables as you can.

Like the sign game this is a passing game. The person who starts the game will say their own vegetable and then someone else’s. For example, “radish to cucumber”. Then whoever is cucumber would say, “cucumber to egg plant”.

So where is the fun in just saying the names of vegetables? The fun comes because in this game you cannot show your teeth! Try saying radish and cucumber without showing your teeth and you are bound to laugh. Yet, laughing is what gets you out in this game!

Two young girls laughing while covering their mouths with their hands.
Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

As you say your vegetable and someone else’s while not showing your teeth you cannot laugh and if you do you are out. Such a simple game that will have you rolling in laughter!

Any time you find yourself in need of a quick easy and fun game to get a party started or finish off an activity we have got you covered. The staring game, the sign game and the vegetable game take no prior preparation. Just get your group into a circle and let the fun begin and the laughter is sure to follow.

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