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How to Form an Exercise Habit When You are Short on Time

We all know we should fit a workout into our daily routine.  However; busy schedules, children, work, sleep deprivation, etc., etc.  keep “exercise daily” from becoming an accomplished goal. A good workout can actually make you more productive in your day AND give you more energy and a happier mood.  Here are a few tips to help make that exercise goal a reality:

exercise habit

Make every day an exercise day.  

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Many exercise programs suggest working out 3 or 4 days a week.  However, I have found that to really cement a habit, daily workouts (even if they are short) are best.   Pick a workout time and then do it every day.  Vary the amount of time you workout, not the day.  Some days you may get an hour in and other days just 5 minutes, but the habit will begin to form.

family riding bikes

Have a wide variety of activities.  

Don’t  get stuck doing the same thing day after day.  Varying your workout will keep things interesting and make it more enjoyable.  Walk, run, bike, exercise videos, jump rope, trampoline jump, hike, roller blade, anything that gets you moving.  Make a list for yourself of things you might enjoy, then vary your workout calendar from day to day.  Don’t forget to add something you haven’t tried before every once in awhile.

mom and child exercising

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A gym is great for motivation and equipment, but if you have a hard time getting in the exercise habit try simplifying things and doing a workout from home.  My favorite go-to workout is  heading out my front door for a walk.  Many free exercise videos are available online.  Buy a set of hand weights or bands for strength workouts.

mom and daughter exercising

So, come on!  You can do it!  Start that exercise habit today!

Here is my favorite at home, short exercise routine to get you going:

(10 of each)



back hypers

wide leg squats

leg raises


1 leg hip up (lay on back and raise leg, 10 each leg)

reverse lunges



60 second plank

You can repeat the whole set again if desired.  To add cardio: jump rope or perform mountain climbers for 60 seconds between exercises.

exercise habit


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Monday 19th of October 2015

I was so busy the last couple of months so I decided to workout at home. I am doing this 5 days in the week between 20-30 minutes. + diet and I lost 4 kilograms. Everything is possible, you need only MOTIVATION :)

xoxo, Emma

Eliece Jenkins

Monday 19th of October 2015

Fantastic success! I agree -- motivation is key!