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Ways To Spice Up Your Big Kid’s Easter Basket

Do you have tweens and teens in the house? Then you need to check out these ideas to spice up your big kid’s Easter basket.

What To Put In Your Big Kid’s Easter Basket

Teenage girl holding Easter eggs and looking at them while smiling.
Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

They still love candy but maybe not the bubbles and sidewalk chalk. So what do you put into a big kid’s Easter basket?


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You can’t go wrong with money. Whether you put coins into plastic eggs or make origami with dollar bills. Money is sure to be a hit in their Easter basket.

A clear small plant pot filled with coins and a plant coming out the top.
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Money is also a winner when it comes to the egg hunt. So grab some plastic eggs and start filling them with coins and cash.

Gift Cards

A little gift card can go a long way in spicing up your big kid’s Easter basket. You could use a gift card for a fast food restaurant or a drive-by drink shop.

How about a good old Amazon gift card or iTunes? If your child has a favorite place to shop like a bookstore that would be a perfect addition to the Easter basket.

TopGolf gift card

Don’t forget gift cards for activities like a round of golf, laser tag, or bowling. Clothing gift cards are always a winner as well.


Speaking of clothing, you can always add apparel to a big kid’s basket. Whether you toss in a pair of shorts or spring for some new flip flops.

If you are into new church clothing for Easter you could have a new tie in the basket or bracelet. Something to go along with their Sunday Easter outfit.

Homemade Coupons

You know those super sweet coupons your kids make at school and then give you for Mother’s Day? Why not put something like that into their basket.

You could write the coupon on a slip of paper and then put it into a plastic Easter egg. How about wrapping it up or rolling it up and tying it with a bow?

The coupon could be for an extra 30 min. of screen time, a later bed time, a date with mom or dad or a ride to or from school (if they have to walk).

Every year my kids get a coupon for one pair of shorts and one shirt to get them ready for summer.

Something To Read

I love any excuse to get a good book into my kid’s hands. Easter is the perfect excuse to get those big kids something new to read.

You could go with a good old fashioned hardback book. Or maybe you want to use this as an excuse to get an e-reader for some electronic book reading.

Amazon kindle e-reader

A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving all year round. How about a subscription to an audio book service like audible?

A Letter

One of my favorite things to do for an Easter basket, a Christmas stocking, or a Valentine is to write my child a letter.

Take a few minutes to tell them all the things you love about them. What they are doing good. What your hopes are for them. Your favorite memories with them.

Just because you have big kid’s in your house doesn’t mean they can’t have an Easter basket filled with fun surprises too. From money to a letter from a parent there are so many ways to spice up those big kid’s Easter baskets.

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