Ahhhh Clearing My Digital Clutter (RSS Style)

Once upon a time I liked to read blogs.  OK, maybe I pretended to like to read blogs.  I would check out the internets and the Twitters and find awesome blogs.  I’d immediately subscribe to the blog on my Google Reader.  Then weeks down the road, every time I’d open my iGoogle page, I’d go to my Google Reader and read only the SAME blogs.  Marking all others as “read” even though I wasn’t reading them.  If you didn’t show up in my “Friends/Family” group, you weren’t getting read.  Period.  End of story.  It kinda stressed me out, all of these hundreds of blogs that I’d like to read, if I had the time, I just never had the time.

So I decided to clean house.  I went through each subscription and if they hadn’t posted since 2008… deleted.  If they posted partial feeds… deleted (except www.theonlinemom.com, cause I love her).  If I was only mildly interested in what they had to say… deleted.  What I have left is a nice manageable group of blogs that I will actually read.  (including a few that I stalk… what good is a blog if you don’t have at least a few stalkers, right?)

Now when I open up my iGoogle, I don’t have to start having a panic attack over everything that I “need” to read.  I can actually keep up with the few blogs that I do have interest in, and keep better track of my awesome friends.  It’s really been so freeing to whittle down my “to be read” list.  Doesn’t that look so much better!

So the question you need to ask yourself, is what is causing you stress to look at?  Is your email inbox out of control.  Do YOU have too many blogs you don’t read in your RSS feed?  How about your desktop?  Are the icons out of control?  Don’t be shy with that delete button, and clear some digital clutter today!

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