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GroceryBagHow often do you hear this from your kids?  How often do you say it yourself??  Probably not as often because you aren’t really looking at the things you are keeping as clutter.  Really though, how many plastic grocery bags do you need?  We are going to talk about how to tell if you are REALLY going to use those items!

The first example we have of this is, of course, the plastic grocery bag scenario… I LOVE this quote from a friend of mine who was Beta testing Daily Home Planner before we released it for sale.  She was reporting an error of her list items duplicating and she said “To Do items are replicating themselves worse than coat hangers and plastic grocery bags. YIKES!”  I laughed so hard at this!  So ask yourself this question about things like plastic grocery bags.  Do you use less than you actually keep?  Meaning do you save 20 per week and use 2?  If so then only save 2 per week (but I’d use up what you have before you start saving them again).  Go through your cupboards and decide what is replicating faster than you are using.

Another thing we can get caught up with is tupperware.  Especially with how cheap those glad containers are lately, you can end up with an entire cupboard full of plastic containers, and only end up using the same 5 every week?  Then as painful as it is, it’s time to purge some of those containers.

So yes, while we may use these items, do we use as much as we have?  Or do we use them so rarely that it doesn’t justify the amount of space it takes up in your house?  Ask yourself these questions today, and get rid of the junk!

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  • Some stores offer a plastic bag recycling program (like Maceys, Walmart and the Utah Food Bank) so check with them or your favorite grocery store to see if they participate and recycle! It’s a much better way to get rid of unwanted bags than just throwing them out.

  • Have way more than we need: empty diaper boxes. Since they tape them up on the bottom I have to use scissors to break them down so I end up just chucking them into the garage and use them to organize donation items by category. Then I go to the drive thru at Goodwill last week and see that they just dump all the boxes into one huge bin! All my sorting was for naught 🙂 I’ll try harder to break them down and put them straight into the recycling bin. Great post!

    SAHMmy Says’s last blog post..How To Stay Married: A Decision and a Choice

  • love your blog!

    better than collecting – then trashing plastic bags – use reusable bags!! so much better for the future of our kids’ world. I keep mine in the truck of the car so they are ready for all of our shopping trips to the grocery store, Target, pharmacy, etc

    thanks for the great site!!

  • I began using the reusable bags this year – slowly learning to become more green. I keep one bag in my glove compartment that actually is made to roll up for quick stops and then my larger bags are left home. The best thing is my local grocery stores will actually give me money back for each bag I use when I shop. There is always the inevitable time when plastic does get brought home and we use those for weekly bathroom trash baskets, the rest of the plastic goes to my daughters school for a recycling program to raise money for the school.

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  • this is so true! my plastic bags were once becoming way out of what i can handle. then one day i just threw out everything that i can’t use. sort plastic bags that i can use for each garbage can at home then place them near that garbage can. for example: bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchen. kept my favorite paper bags. after that, it was a relief. my husband doesn’t even want to touch my plastic bag sorter anymore because of how neat it is. i wish i captured a before and after picture!

    Carol’s last blog post..A Closer Look

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